Who am I

I grew up in Southern California and Northern Utah; as an adult, I have lived mostly in the southern and mid-Atlantic states, I did immigrate to another country and live there for several years before returning back to the United States. I am the oldest with several younger siblings, and I attended public school until the middle of 8th grade, at which time I was homeschooled, but really just self-taught. I decided to get my GED, I was 25; I graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and healthcare management; and a Master’s degree (2020) in applied developmental psychology from Liberty University; I have begun a PhD program studying Social Psychology; as an aside, it has nothing to do with clinical psychology in the realms of treating patients but rather it is research-focused and examines attitudes and social cognition, interpersonal relations and group processes, and personality processes and individual differences, environmental exposure towards development and psychopathy. I enjoy learning; there is no other reason to go to school other than to learn; however, spiritual knowledge and having obtained His word, my eyes, and understanding are open to His truth truths wherever they are found. I enjoy learning about myself, and also others, and how morality, what one perceives as truth or right is first developed; and how our experiences shape us throughout the different stages of life and how exposure to specific environments affects us genetically, physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually.

Like many of you, I love the Lord; I love His ways, His commandments, and the holy scriptures. I have always believed that God speaks to us through the scriptures, sometimes through others, and of course, by His own voice. From a very young age, I sought answers to life’s questions from them, and I believed that the scriptures could teach me about God and what He expected of me because I certainly lacked wisdom. They taught me about the character and nature of God, how to approach Him and petition Him, and be recognized by heaven, offering up a broken heart and contrite spirit.  I came to Him with questions; I kept His commandments – repenting often and slowly learned to obey His voice, which initially for me, it was filled with much sorrow and sacrifice.

You will find that the scriptures can answer most if not all your questions; there are layers of knowledge and depth within the teachings; a lot of what you receive will largely depend upon your present light, knowledge, and willingness to keep the keep commandments. Knowledge produces salvation for the obedient but condemns those who knowingly act against it. I sought answers to the many teachings contained within those scriptures, and when they could not answer them, as I thought, I turned to other people; I asked my parents and religious leaders, but they could not answer my questions either. I was left to ask of God; it was through prayer and studying that I received answers to my questions and gained an understanding of the teachings in them. It was through seeking, studying; pondering, asking; praying, knocking, that He began to teach me all about Him. He opened up the way before me that from one small step to the next, I learned how to be obedient and how to listen to Him. As I continued and repenting often, I was slowly being prepared to come to Him and enter into His presence.

You should not lean upon me or others, or even your own wit, or that of someone else you perceive with greater knowledge if even others call that person a prophet. The only person that is authorized to lead you or who you may safely follow is the Lord Jesus Christ. He has not given this key to humankind. The Father says His Son is the way that He is the word, only He serves as a perfect example to follow, no matter how well others’ intentions may be, only Christ has this key and can rightfully claim – follow thou me. I served a Christian mission to Sydney Australia, where I taught others of Christ, but I was not your traditional missionary. I believed then, as I believe now, that the commands of God, whether the whisperings of the spirit or by His voice, trump all men and their traditions; He is the ultimate authority.

I am a Veteran of The United States Air Force Reserves – Security Forces; I served from 2000 – 2008. Professionally, I work for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as an Audiovisual specialist; I have been with the VA since 2003. I have worn many different hats in the VA, I enjoy serving others, and in this capacity, I serve my fellow Veterans.

For fun, I am into weight lifting, high-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I have played competitive rugby, raced motorcycles and BMX bikes; some of my other hobbies include genetic and ancestral DNA research, Amateur Radio (73’s), blogging, hiking, marksmanship, and archery. I have chronic pain from multiple vehicle/motorcycle accidents, I have been divorced more than once, have struggled financially, experienced homelessness as a youth, and once as an adult. I was exposed to airborne and other hazards, and casualties of war during my military service, which has affected my health. All my life experiences have been necessary for me so that I can come to know the mercies of the Lord and His ability to save each one of us, not only from death but also the weight of sin. I share these things about myself, so you can see that I am like some of you, and if I, in my weaknesses, can come unto the Lord, you can too. My most significant and the most fulfilling experience in life is my family, being a father, and knowing God, our Eternal Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ; these are my greatest joys.

He lives, the Son does, and the Father also; I know this because I have seen and conversed with the Father and the Son, as one person speaks with another face to face.

Matthew Crockett