It is through the medium of sacrifice and anguish that we obtain a covenant and promise from the Lord. It is not simply covenanting to sacrifice rather it is a covenant you receive from the Lord by sacrifice. He chooses the sacrifice and offering you will make to Him, this part is unique to your specific needs. What is universal between all of us is it will consist of a broken heart and contrite spirit. (3 Nephi 9:20). Read More

The Holy Order

Joseph Smith:

“God will not acknowledge that which He has not called, ordained, and chosen. In the beginning God called Adam by His own voice. “And the Lord called unto Adam and said unto him, where art thou? And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, and hid myself.” (See Genesis 3:9-10.) Adam received commandments and instructions from God: this was the order from the beginning.”[1]

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Sons of the Forest

At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against the gospel, having rejected the fullness of His gospel, lifting themselves up in the pride[1] of their hearts above the whole earth.[2] He will remember His covenant that He has made with His people, the House of Israel.[3] He will bring the gospel from among the Gentiles, or in other words, He will take the gospel from them and give it unto the remnant of Jacob and the remnant of the House of Jacob, the Indians, and lost tribes.[4] And in that day, the priesthood and power of God will no longer be with the Gentiles, but with the remnant, and the Gentiles will not have power (priesthood) over them[5].
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Covenants and Promises

This land, the land of promise, is a “promise” given by covenant that would extend from one generation to the next, forever, to Lehi and his family. He obtained it, for themselves and his posterity as an inheritance from the Lord, others also. Lehi reveals the Lord would lead others here from “other countries”[1] the promises associated with this land in particular also belong to them.
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The Forgotten, Cont’d

I feel very strongly to say that before the Fathers who are in Heaven will return and join with us, hand in hand, in bringing about this work[1] and before the Lord will come and dwell among His people, that the remnant of the Jews or in other words His covenant people on this land, the remnant of Jacob, i.e. the North American Indians need to be restored, this restoration is both temporal[2] and spiritual. The Gentiles cannot build up Zion, and establish the New Jerusalem, they will not do it, there are several reasons for this, and certainly, they cannot hope to build it alone as was previously attempted.
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