A sign has been given, and another is being revealed, the words of the prophets shall all be fulfilled,  eternal are the words that have been given, spoken faithfully by His trusted servants who received them from Heaven, that you may know that He is God, that all His words shall be fulfilled.

An unlikely servant now proclaims the judgments of the Lord upon the heads of the nations, first upon those whose seats are set as above all the earth, secondly upon those who love money more than their fellow man, who by their greed and love of money have caused the blood of the innocent to flow, and thirdly, upon all those who have set themselves up as kings to the people.

Know that the Lord your God sits in judgment against you, that His words are being proclaimed to you as though from the mouth of a Lion, His servant utters the words of the Lord in judgment against you, yet the wicked, though you hear His words with your ears, your hearts comprehend it not, even the whole earth shall hear it, and they shall not understand, but shall tremble at the noise.

You have blasphemed the God of Heaven and Earth, decried His Holy name and defiled His Holy Temple. You are weighed and measured; His law is breaking forth in the hearts of the believers, and they shall break down your mighty strongholds in His name, and the captive and the oppressed, shall be freed by the Lamb, for they shall hear His voice, and know Him, and they shall be His people and He their shepherd.

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