who am I? I am 43 years old. I grew up in Southern California and also lived in Northern Utah throughout my youth, as an adult I have lived mostly in the southern and mid-Atlantic states. I am an average guy, like many of you, I love the Lord. I love His ways, His commandments, and the holy scriptures. I have always delved into the scriptures and deep, ponderous thoughts since a very young age, and I have always sought knowledge from them. I believed, and I acted on that belief that the scriptures could teach me about God and what He expected of me. They taught me about the character and nature of God, but also how to approach Him, be recognized, and be received by Him. I came to Him with questions, I kept His commandments, and obeyed His voice, and that is what lead me to Him.

As a youth, I found that the scriptures answered most if not all my initial questions. Then I found I had new questions or more questions which grew from my ponderings about life, the afterlife and the things that I read. I sought answers to those questions, and when the scriptures could not answer them, I turned to other people. I asked my parents and religious leaders, but they could not answer my question. So, it was through prayer and studying that I sought and received answers to my more in-depth questions. It was through seeking, studying, pondering, asking, knocking, praying that He began to teach me all about Him. He opened up the way before me that from one small step to the next, my questions were answered. As I continued, I was slowly being prepared to be able to come to Him and enter into His presence.

As for my background, there is not much unique or different from other people. I am the oldest of 5, and I attended public school until the 8th grade at which time I was homeschooled for the remainder of my general education and received my GED. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University in Business Administration Healthcare Management. It only took 18 years. As for continuing education, I am pursuing an MA in Developmental Psychology, which is a long time coming, and, mostly for fun. I have enjoyed learning about myself, and also others, and how morality, what one perceives as truth or right, shapes us through the different stages of life.

I am a Veteran of The United States Air Force Reserves Security Forces. I served from 2000 – 2008 and I was assigned to the 419th SFS Fighter Wing at Hill AFB, Utah and later 94th SFS Airlift Wing at Dobbins ARB, Georgia. I was called to Active Duty in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks and served in support of Operation Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Southern Watch. Professionally, I work for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C. as an Audiovisual specialist. I have been with the VA for over 15 years, and love most days. I have worn many different hats in the VA. I enjoy serving others, and in this capacity, I serve other Veterans.

I served an LDS mission in Sydney, Australia, but I was not your traditional missionary. I believed then, as I believe now, that the commands of God, through the whisperings of the spirit trump all men and their traditions. You should not lean upon the flesh, your wit, or that of someone you perceive with greater knowledge if even others call them a prophet. The only person that is authorized to lead you or who you should follow is the Lord Jesus Christ. He has not given this key to mankind. The Father says His Son is the way, that He is the word. Only He serves as a perfect example to follow, no matter how well others intentions may be.

For fun, I am into weight lifting, high-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), I have played competitive rugby, some of my other hobbies include Genetic and Ancestral DNA research, Amateur Radio (73’s), blogging, hiking, marksmanship, and archery.

I share these things about myself so you can see, I am just like many of you. I have chronic pain, been divorced, and have struggled financially. Out of all these life’s experiences, my most significant and the most fulfilling is my family. Being a husband and a father, and my relationship with God, our Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, is my greatest joy. He lives, the Son does, I know this because I have seen and conversed with him and the Father, as one man speaks with another.