I am 43 years old. I am an average guy, who loves the Lord, His ways, His commandments, and the holy scriptures. I have always engrossed myself since a very young age in the scriptures and sought knowledge from above. I believed and I acted on that belief that the scriptures could teach me and help me to know how to come to God. I hungered daily to know the content of them and embraced the truth that I found in them and through prayer, and much pondering. And through that, He began to teach me all about Him. From one small step to the next until I was prepared to come into His presence.

I grew up in Southern California and also lived in Northern Utah throughout part of my youth. I attended public school until the 8th grade then I was homeschooled for the remainder of my general education and obtained a GED. I served an LDS mission in Sydney Australia but was not your traditional missionary. I believed then and do believe now, that the commands of God, the spirit trumps all men and their traditions.

I am also a Veteran of The United States Air Force Reserves Security Forces Squadron (SFS), I served from 2000 – 2008 and I was assigned to the 419th SFS Fighter Wing at Hill AFB, Utah and later 94th SFS Airlift Wing at Dobbins ARB, Georgia. I was called to Active Duty in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks and served in support of Operation Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Southern Watch. When I was in the Middle East, I pondered the significance of my being there. Though it was during my years of rebellion, that I was turned away from God I was compelled to have compassion for the people I encountered and prayed often for them.

Professionally, I work for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. as an Audiovisual specialist for VHA’s Office of Digital Media. I have been with the VA for 15 years, and love most days. I have worn many different hats in the VA, a jack of all trades perhaps. I enjoy serving others, and in this capacity, I serve other Veterans.

As for continuing education. I am currently attending Liberty University where I am about to obtain an undergraduate degree in BS: Business Administration Healthcare Management, I graduate fall 2018, and I will begin pursuing my Masters of Arts in Developmental Psychology Spring of 2019. Which is a long time coming for me, and, for fun, I play competitive rugby, some of my hobbies include Genetic and Ancestral DNA research, Amateur Radio (73’s), Cross-fitness training, hiking, marksmanship, and archery.

I share these things about myself so you can see, I am just like some of you. Of all these life’s experiences, my most significant and the most fulfilling is my family, being a husband and a Father, in addition to that my endless pursuit of my God, our Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ,  is my greatest joy. He lives, both the Father and the Son, I know this because I have seen and conversed with them both as one man speaks with another.

Matthew Crockett