I am an average Joe, with no special qualifications, or degrees of any kind to make any kind of qualified or expert "opinion", therefore any views expressed are mine, and are subject to change based on new knowledge or information being obtained, you are better off going to the Lord and seeking knowledge from Him and from the scriptures, than from myself. The reason I do this is to leave my testimony and witness, and to share my experiences with others in hopes that you will seek Him and obtain a witness of these things for yourselves.

I attended public school up until the 8th grade and then was home schooled, I later obtained a GED from Salt Lake Community College, I have completed three years of my undergrad through Liberty University. I enjoy genealogy, and ancestral DNA research. I am by no means an expert, but I am learning and making interesting discoveries about who I am. I love Science, and History. None of this can supplant revelation, while I enjoy learning and growing, receiving from God is far greater than obtaining knowledge from any other source.

Finally, it is for this, my love for Christ and of my fellowman, that persuaded me to create this blog. It is in hopes to see the Remnant of Jacob restored, who are my principle ancestors and my people, the Sons and Daughters of the Forest, that my efforts may be fruitful in bringing to them at least to the knowledge of our Creator and Redeemer, and also of the Covenants and Promises of the Fathers that I may at least see fulfillment in my day of these things. This is my hope - it is to see the fulfillment of every good thing come to pass.

Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God lives. I know this, because I have seen Him and I also have seen the Father, and I bear my witness of Him and the Father in His Holy name that they live. Amen.


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