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I am, Matthew Crockett.

It is for my love of Christ and for my fellow man, that persuaded me a few years ago to create this blog. It is in hopes to see the Remnant of Jacob, the Sons of Joseph repent, who is primarily known today as Native Americans, (North and South American Indians). I desire to see them restored to a correct knowledge of God. And, also that of their Fathers from whence they came, those who lived anciently upon this land. These are my principle ancestors people, therefore, my people.

These are the Sons and Daughters of the Forest, or in other words, those who are scattered, who have lost their identity. The world knows them today as the lost tribes of Israel. Some of the lost tribes are also Arab, and Jew. The Lord has identified some of them to me, and He administers to them. He knows your thoughts, and He feels the pain in your hearts. He does hear your cries, and He will deliver you and bring you out of bondage.

I hope to see the fulfillment of every good thing come to pass for all who will come unto Christ and repent. And those, who will not, it is my desire that the Lord will soften your hard hearts and that your minds be pierced and opened to the goodness of God!

He lives! Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, lives. I have seen Christ and the Father. I bear my witness of them both to you. I have stood in their presence and conversed with them as one man speaks with another.

I have been called by Gods own voice out of heaven to teach repentance to as many as will receive His words according to the Holy Spirit. How we come unto Christ is accomplished over a series of steps or small degrees, first being believing, enter in through the waters of baptism for His grace is sufficient for those who would repent and become heirs of salvation.

If you desire to be taught and to receive the new and everlasting covenant of baptism, please contact me, either here through my blog or my Facebook page that I manage.

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