Matt CrockettI am Matthew Crockett, 

It is for my love of Christ and for my fellow man, that persuaded me a few years ago to create this blog. It is in hopes to see the Remnant of Jacob, the Sons of Joseph, who is primarily known today as Native Americans, restored to a knowledge of God and of their Fathers from whence they came, these are my principle ancestors and also my people.

They are the Sons and Daughters of the Forest,  or in other words, those who have been scattered, who have lost their identity. The world knows them as the lost tribes and some of these are also Arab and Jew and they likewise know not who they are. I am of Native American, Jew, and Arab ancestry and I need my brothers and sisters to rise up, we have a great work to do. 

I do this that my efforts may be fruitful in bringing to you at the very least to a minimum of the knowledge of our Creator and Redeemer, and also of the Covenants and Promises of the Fathers contained in the Book of Mormon and other texts, that I may take joy in seeing fulfillment of these many blessings. This is my hope - it is to see the fulfillment of every good thing come to pass to all of you, who will come unto Christ and repent. 

Please know that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God lives. I only know this, because I have seen Him and I also have seen the Father being caught up to His presence, and I bear my witness of Him and also the Father in His Holy name that they live. 

I have been called to teach repentance to as many as who will receive it. I have received this calling by the voice of God Himself out of heaven, and have been called to His work as Samuel was in a similar manner. Hearing God when I was but a child, and learning to obey His voice and saying to God, here am I Lord - speak, thy servant heareth. And after having been approved of by Him, after many years and many sore trials was I then sufficiently prepared to labor in His kingdom and have been called to His ministry by His own voice to administer to as many as who will repent. 

I am able to baptize you in His name and to teach and to administer any blessing given under heaven that He would bestow upon the children of men if they will but repent. These things were given to me of Him by His own mouth and word unto me, by His own voice to my ears - all this to prepare the way of the Lord, for His return. 

If you desire to be taught and to receive the new and everlasting covenant and be baptized - please contact me, either through my blog or my Facebook page that I manage. 


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