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The content on this website, blog, forum, cloud library to include the section and discussions of temple rituals, contains near verbatim the dialog and instructions in the temple, what is left out are the actual names, key words, signs, and tokens of the priesthood in a descriptive sense but are referenced in general terms, out of respect for these things and because they are of a sensitive nature it is recommended if you generally view these things as not appropriate to be discussed in this setting, you should navigate away from this website, blog, forum, cloud library, these things are specifically not made known and will only be discussed vaguely, some or all of the content herein in "The Endowment" section, unless already familiar may be difficult to understand. The purpose of this website, blog, forum and cloud library and more specifically the Endowment section is to expound the gospel, its teachings to include temple rituals or ceremonies, its meanings and purpose  as well as what the tokens and signs convey or ought to convey to the person receiving them. In addition to expounding the temple rituals, this section to include the website, blog, forum, cloud library is for educational purposes, research, criticisms and the such.

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Further this information regarding the endowment is readily available to the public, and is a matter of public record with the Library of Congress, in addition, this is also found in historical records of various deceased members of the church, and is available in both video, audio and written form on the internet and else where.

The remaining section listed first on the home page of the Endowment section, and all other such subheadings there under of this specific section are mine, are my work and study.



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