Hey, folks, it’s been a great run having the forum up for all that time… It’s been running since mid-2015 and July will be here before I know it, and it’ll be 3 years old! What an experience it was, and I am grateful for what I learned from the Lord in the process.

The forum has outlived its usefulness. Served it’s purpose and is now time to close it down. The content of the forum, your posts,  will be deleted permanently from the server. No records/posts will be kept, and the site removed permanently.

My blog will, of course, remain as I continue to strive to do His will.

I wish you the best in all that you do and hope that you will never give up your search for Christ, and live your life as He would have you live it – living according to your faith. Kindness is always in short supply, rarely found, and is beyond value and its good and impact are immeasurable. So be kinder towards one another, cease from contention, finding fault and accusing one another.

If I may make the following suggestion. Start with one thing you want to change about yourself, search, ponder pray… ask for direction, healing, and work on changing that part of you – before you know it, you will have conquered a weakness and it will be made a strength unto you. Then start the process over, rinse and repeat until you are able to stand in His presence until you reflect His light and image and are brought before that God who gave you life, for He lives and I know it!

Only Jesus Christ is the way –

Your friend in Christ always,

Matthew Crockett