In the image of God

Generally speaking, in America and even the Western world, we are far more concerned with work and wealth than our families and community, or relationships. Environmental exposures of industry and technology have influenced the drive for success and achievement, and the obtainment of wealth at all costs. Endless ambition and war are the predominant features of the American story today, which has eroded our society and corrupted our spirits. It has dissolved the value of human life and muted our natural compassion for one another; we have become far too busy to develop meaningful relationships or to notice one another in the hustle. We have forgotten the importance of taking the time to listen to one another, to share, celebrate, and or grieve together.

It is because of our endless ambition as a society, that we all suffer. We sacrifice relationships and our families for the obtainment of things that do not last, resulting in increased poverty, physical, mental health disorders, aggression, and, ultimately, violence. As we grow in diversity, so also do the complexities of our relationships; our changing environment, with the advances in industry and technology, has influenced how we see one another. We are seen by many and often see others as an opportunity, a commodity, even a resource, and not as someone made in the image of God.

This can be changed; it is accomplished by each person with the knowledge of God, who possesses some element of truth and light, of any degree, to be willing to humbly submit to the Lord in all things. When we keep His commandments, we have freedom; when we break His commandments, we have bondage. In the image of God is how we were made, and how we should see one another; keep His commandments and do His works, and heaven will see and angels bare witness, and we shall rejoice in our God as His people and as His children. Otherwise, if those of you who have knowledge do not, and by your actions, are found not possessing the image of God in your countenance nor in your comings and goings, then we are not His and we with the nation’s stand in His judgment, and it is just.

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