Why not today?!

When we say that “tomorrow I will repent,” or that things will be better tomorrow, we are trying to remove the immediate arousal of discomfort that we are presently experiencing in our lives and shifting it off to another day. Whatever that is for you it is not resolved, if even you temporarily trick yourself into forgetting about it. Tomorrow, I will face my discomfort. However, tomorrow it will return, over and over again, and so also the discomfort until it is resolved. This cycle of discomfort for some may go on for years.

Things that are out of order want to be in order, it is a natural law. Things want to be in harmony and balance with one another. When we are out of order with God, we should adjust our beliefs, attitudes, and behavior, so it comes to match His and be in harmony with Him. However, this is not the case with many people, and when they experience immediate arousal of discomfort, they instead change their beliefs to match their attitudes and behavior. They don’t change their behavior or attitudes, but instead take the easy course and change their beliefs to match their behavior or attitudes to relieve themselves of the immediate arousal of discomfort they are experiencing.

Hence is the reason for why many blame God, deny God, modify His commandments, change His teachings or blame others for their discomfort and failures, they want God to conform to them but will not submit to God. While at the same time, they will accept full responsibility for any successes experienced if even it was not theirs, to begin within the first place.

When behavior and attitudes do not match what they know to be true, then beliefs often change to relieve the immediate arousal of discomfort they are experiencing, because the behavior does not conform to the ways of God, they change God instead of changing themselves. Their behavior does not match what they believe, so the beliefs about God or His commandments must need to be changed. Then naturally they begin to become out of order and no longer in harmony with God, but instead in harmony with themselves without God which is the natural man and against God and without God there is no peace or harmony.

When this happens, when we experience discomfort because our beliefs do not match our behavior and attitudes, this is called cognitive dissonance, it is a motivator for change. This often occurs when one experiences failure, and they immediately find a reason for why they could not succeed to relieve themselves of the immediate arousal of discomfort they are experiencing for failure rather than examining where the fault lies, within themselves, correcting it, trying again until success is experienced.

When success is experienced, this is called a mastery experience. You learned to master a new task, achieve a goal, and or overcome a difficulty. The results of which improve ones self-efficacy from low to high self-efficacy. Then real relief from the discomfort you have been experiencing can be relieved, and your confidence now can wax strong. You believe in yourself that you can succeed because of the many little experiences where you have had opportunities to experience successes. When you listened and obey the promptings of the spirit, you increase in self-efficacy, your confidence grows.

The commandments of God are a set of mastery experiences designed to help you overcome yourself, to increase your self-efficacy so that you can believe in yourself and have the confidence to approach God and succeed. Those with low self-efficacy will likely quit before the task is complete; they do not believe they can achieve success, and they do not believe in themselves or in their ability to succeed, may doubt, lack faith, and are not motivated to change.

Keeping the commandments will help to increase high self-efficacy, from one small degree to the next, it builds your confidence and knowledge that you can keep them when you do. You know that you can do greater things because you have learned to do and master simple things. More will then be added unto you. Then you can be led from one small degree to the next and are ready, having been proven to be faithful in those little things the commandments, and then more can be given, even greater things that have been hidden since the beginning because now you are found worthy and capable. First, you need to learn to walk in strait paths (not straight), then you can run, but do not run faster than you are able (Mosiah 4:27). Master the things you have before you, in their proper order; then you can have strength, knowledge, and confidence in your ability to master and subdue all things. Tomorrow may indeed be better, but it will not be better unless you start today!

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