From one small degree until the next

Gods lessons in life are meant to lead you to a high or higher self-efficacy and ultimately back to Him.

Self-efficacy is simply a belief that one has in their ability to succeed and obtain the desired outcome. If you cannot do the simple things that are required of you because you still lack discipline (low self-efficacy), then you cannot expect to receive greater things of His light and have an increase. If He gives to you that that which you cannot bear to do, it will damn you because you will fail to succeed. So, by small measures, simple steps, or from one degree to the next, you are led through a course of experiences which are explicitly designed to teach you and help you grow.

These mastery experiences are given to you from your Heavenly Father, and they are given so you can learn and grow until you can do them all and thus from one experience to the other, you increase. Through this, you develop high or higher self-efficacy, and because you know you can succeed, and your confidence now waxes strong in Him, you are capable of being led from one small degree to the next and so on until you have become perfected in Him.

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