A Dream…

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, I want first to thank those who responded by e-mail to share why they chose to not partake of the covenant or why they had. I had intended to share publicly with permission their many stories. However, after inquiring about it – it was for me – to see and hear or at least read what others experiences are. I learned that there are some who are actually learning to lean upon the Lord and are seeking Him. Some of which were directed by the Lord to partake of the covenant and some who were directed to not partake. In both circumstances, these obeyed the Lord, and both are right.

So thank you to many of you for sharing your experiences with me and your testimonies – we all need to be bolstered up from time to time. And you have lifted my spirits up with your strength and desire to seek the Lord.

I am for Christ and all things that pertain to Him and all things that lead one to know the Lord. Sometimes one has to go through hell, and taste of the bitterness before they can be redeemed and brought to stand before God. This was me.  I had to take many wrong paths before I could learn the correct path. I tended to find the harder path ignoring the promptings, was very slow to learn, I preferred to do things my own way before surrendering, I even tried to hold on to my physical possessions against the Lords will as I said. This was me. This is not who I am anymore. I am not a stranger to these things nor the difficulties that many of you are now facing.

I also know that Christ is capable of whatever setting we find our selves presently in, if, we will call upon Him continuously He will aid you. You should call upon Him morning, noon, and night and throughout the day wearying His ears and then hearken to Him when He does speak by the still small voice. He will then use your present situation you find yourselves in for your benefit and growth. If you fail – He withdrawals for a time and you are left to suffer a little while longer to soften your heart further so you can eventually hear Him. The ultimate goal, of course, is to redeem you from the fall but you have first to learn to be obedient and hearken to the promptings of the spirit before you can be prepared to receive greater manifestations. How long this takes is on you.

The key is always to invite the Lord to make the necessary changes in your life so that you can be prepared for Him to come to you. For if you are not prepared when He shall suddenly appear, your temple (bodies) will be destroyed.

The economy of this world is to use force, intimidation, coercion, and many will do this in the name of God. Those who practice this craft are hearkening to the spirit of the devil, and are an angel to him – many are deceived into thinking that they are communicating with heavenly beings sent of God to deliver a message but are deceived by the devil and his angels instead. Those who preach a message of force/fear, unrighteous dominion (no such thing as righteous dominion) are easy to detect – they usually elicit an argument, accuse you, bear false witness, find fault with you, etc.… these are the fruits of those who hearken to the devil and not the Lord.

Thankfully we are naturally averse to being controlled, so we tend to buck when someone approaches us this way, not everyone does, some are accustomed to being abused and are drawn towards it, but anyways that is a learned behavior. It is a natural defense for us to push back against someone who seeks to control us in some form and it requires us to surrender our will,  thought and agency to them before sub-coming to these abuses. Just don’t do it. But before this is realized this is usually done carefully and with skill, it is almost unnoticed and if it is noticed we then tend to rationalize it away as something wrong with us rather than the messenger. If the message does not cause you to repent if it flatters you, or you become fearful that if you do not listen to them and partake, you will miss your opportunity, it is likely you should not partake. Be fearful of God, sure, but do not fear men, if you are keeping His commandments you cannot go wrong – He will course correct you if you are sincere in your approach to Him, and if the choice is to keep His commandments or not, the choice should be simple – keep them ALWAYS. You have the power within you to do this. The Lord will not be mocked, anything less than a sincere heart and contrite spirit in your approach to Him, and you will bring the wrath of a just God upon you. This does not mean you are yet made perfect, you will of course flounder – but in your sincere approach to Him, repenting along the way you will be made clean, He will make you whole and your weakness made into your strengths.

How are we then to tell those messengers apart if they are indeed deceived, the scriptures say by their fruits we may know them… Messengers: Not just those from the other side of the veil – you are more likely to encounter more messenger from this side of the veil than the other side. Many have said, they have performed a miracle, or spoken in tongues (gibberish that none can understand), or have seen spirits and angels, or talk to God or Christ often. Some will use these claims as a position of authority and bolster their own importance. These are NOT fruits of a good spirit… The devil can work miracles and speak in tongues and appear as an angel of light, fruits and miracles that the scriptures speak of are your good works, keeping the commandments, seeking the Lord, helping the poor and needy. These are fruits and miracles that are seldom found among people, except for those who seek Christ continually who have no iniquity. They do His works and keep His sayings, and obey His voice.

The problem is these false messengers are skilled, and some can only be detected by the spirit of revelation. It is wisdom in the Lord that His true servants taught correctly in the scriptures that we are not to trust in the arm of flesh – there are no exceptions. False messengers will rationalize this.

Let me put it on record: I do not trust Denver Snuffer. Do you!? And if so, that you do indeed trust him, why? Has not the Lord said that He himself is the way, that there are no other servants at the gate, no other name given under Heaven whereby we may be saved! That doesn’t mean I hate him or despise him – in fact, my life has been enriched and blessed by some of his teachings from the 10 part lecture series – I heard the message that he was given to teach from the Lord; which was a message for all to “come unto, Christ.” I heard the words of the Lord that he spoke when he spoke! They were specific to me and possibly you. I needed some of his teachings to enable me to seek the Lord. If you also heard the words, “come unto Christ,” why haven’t you obeyed yet, what is keeping you? Ask Him if you do not know! That is not to disparage you or him. I don’t trust myself – I don’t trust in the arm of flesh in other words, but I do have complete trust in the Lord (2 Nephi 28:31-32). I ask you – because it is a commandment to come unto the Lord, this is what Denver has repeatedly taught and this is the message I received. You said you would when you were baptized, that you would take upon you His name. Are you defiling His Holy name that He has given to you by putting your trust in a man, and if so – will you now repent and seek Him and cease from all your devilish ways and realize your own nothingness before the Lord?!

“You should not be trusting the expositions of anyone, myself included. These Scriptures have a message for you. God has a message for you. God would like to talk to you. Not through me or any other man. God would like to talk with you.” (Denver Snuffer, Lecture 1, Boise Idaho, pg. 7, fourth paragraph, 2013)

Not all that I say or teach will be of benefit to you – some things will and some things will not, and other things you will believe I am totally wrong and deceived. The question one must consider: is it that I am wrong, and you are right or is it that it is just not right for you at this point in time. Truth isn’t always so simple. The factor is “us” we are what complicates truth – we receive from God what we are willing to receive, believe, and accept. He then begins to work with what truth you could bear to teach you all about Him, and He will help to stretch your mind and heart to believe more and when you exercise that faith then more is given.  After the Lord rebuked me for trying to form a fellowship with other believers here on the East Coast at the conclusion of Denver’s lecture series a few years ago. The Lord told me quite plainly that my family is my fellowship and that He also is my fellowship, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I have fully come to understand what He meant by that statement and the gravity of it for all and He said that I have His authority to act in His name not only concerning baptism, but that I did not need permission from men or women for that matter to exercise priesthood, nor to teach, instruct and administer to others – that I have His authority, and the question He asked of me was, “what authority is greater than mine!”. The point of this is not to say that fellowships are wrong; the point of this is to say that we both can be on the right path if even they are different and as long as we are doing what the Lord wants of us. However, your first fellowship should be within your own family. The Lord rebuked me because I did not ask/seek His will on the matter.

I then departed from learning further from Denver, having taken from him what the Lord had intended for me to receive and obtained for myself a knowledge of God. In the course of which I received choice blessings and promises from the Lord.  This was the message from the lectures series that I received. To seek the Lord and learn from Him. If you received a different message, then you should go with that and verify it with the Lord.  This is, of course, no credit to Denver at all. It is ONLY because of the mercies of the Lord that He chose to put Denver in my path that I could learn a few things from him that I needed; things that I took with me to aid me in my pursuit of the Lord and also the Father – what was it, a knowledge of how to approach the Lord and receive. I was already well on this path, but I had a few stumbling blocks, things I needed to understand better than I had experienced but could not put into words that he was able too and some things I needed to let go of and other things I had yet to learn that I learned. I hearkened to the message from that messenger and sought the Lord on my own terms, working out my salvation with fear and trembling.

The Lord is able to use whom He will bring about His great work. You need not suppose He is limited to any one person. The Lord has shown me that He can and will bless me or others from people you would not consider a source for truth or bring about the Lord’s purposes. While this may seem unfair to them – because they are doing the Lord’s work unbeknownst to them, they are blessed in that they hearkened to His spirit and it will do them well in this life and the life to come if even they do not know the source of inspiration that led them to act.

Now the servants of Satan will come to you in the name of God and declare things that are mostly true, they reason with the philosophies of men, they insert their wisdom and knowledge, and they appeal to your emotions and weakness, vanity and pride. They don’t always seek to call you to repentance or exercise dominion and control over you. They flatter you with knowledge. Satan has much knowledge, but Christ has more.  By and by, if you are not careful this is the course that will lead you away from Christ – they will be your best friends, a family member who you suppose is enlightened or more gifted spiritually than you, but instead they are an enemy of righteousness that has crept in among you, and they too may be unaware’s at first, but they will be warned and others will be sent to teach correct truths to them and to you so they may have the chance to get on the right path and be held accountable before God having been warned – then it is up to you and them to hearken, to repent and seek the Lord; but if these continue down this path, leading others away from Christ then they will be sealed the devils, and their minds will be darkened, and they will not be able to comprehend the light, and they are his to do as he pleases.

Some of these will perceive you are out of the way, they will gently accuse you, or gently find fault with you, and try to compel you to submit to them. They default to saying they wish not to contend with you when you were merely trying to discuss the points of their view and yours. Those who perceive contention as the Lord taught are those who are the contentious ones, “beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite” (KJV Luke 6:42).  And because they have listed to obey the spirit of the devil and accuse, find fault, contend with others they go about doing the devils works and become his children. Some will even tempt you to disobey the word of the Lord, using flattery to persuade you. Flattery is of the devil – many of you have lost light because of this, it has been taken away from you and the Lord has withdrawn from you, which flattery has lifted some of you up in the pride of your hearts with joy declaring “we have a true prophet to follow who has seen God”. Your hearts have become hardened to the truth, and instead of rejecting the flattery and humbling yourselves, you count yourselves some of you as a special choice and covenant people. Some have gone so far as to declare they are no longer a Gentile.

There is a secret combination that has crept in unawares among some of you. Those who are guilty of this and those who have knowledge of it and uphold such, know that the Lord has shown you unto me and I know your names and your doings and unless you repent and confess before the Lord and these people that you have worked against the Lord and have stirred up the hearts of the people to quarrel and contend with one another, you who have sought to sew discord know that your names shall ascend up to the Lord as a testimony against you.

These have worked against the servants of the Lord who have sought to teach correct principles, have cast them out and have rejected the words of  Christ, that all should repent and come unto Him and trust in no man. These have pretended that they are of the faith, but are in open rebellion against God, willfully sinning and justifying their sins that God will not hold them accountable, because His commandments are a hard thing and can only be lived among a righteous people. These are those who deal in rumors, which are the devil’s prophecies.

True messengers will never flatter you, they will invite you to seek Christ and to go and learn from Him; they will not tell you that you are special or that your baptisms are the only correct baptisms in all the earth, that you are the only people on the earth that God is working with to bring about His work. This is false. He has always said in all the times before that He has other sheep which are of another fold. And he does have sheep which are not of you. That He too must bring. And my labor is now among them. But because of pride and arrogance, you think you are special, and your undoing shall be great and horrible – unless you repent. As I taught in the post titled a “Prophet, Priest, and King,” only those who humble themselves and become pure in heart will the Lord redeem – they will have a covenant with God and be His people also, all others will be overcome by the devil. You cannot stand if you will not cleanse and sanctify yourselves! Knowing this, should we not then attend to great earnest of and exposing those secret works that are held in the darkness that is among you even now! That their secret acts and works may die in the light of exposure – If you know them and conceal them, then you too are guilty of upholding these secret combinations that are among you. In all things use wisdom, and according to the will of the Lord.

Now to the title of this post “A Dream…” I also posted this dream, and its meaning in the post titled a “Prophet, Priest, and King.” and as I have been moved upon by the spirit to post it again, I post it here.  This is my last post directed at those who are considered Gentiles or the remnant of the LDS. My work and my labors are among a different people who are turning to the Lord, and they are suffering great sufferings, and they cry for deliverance, and these people are being attended to by the power of the Holy Ghost, and they are coming to Christ and repenting, and they are His. Will, you also repent, and begin to keep His commandments or will you suffer yourselves to be cut off, and follow after the arm of flesh if even that servent is called and anointed of God?

I was given the following dream on June 24, 2014, concerning not only the state of the LDS church but also the state of the those who are the Gentiles that would come and who have grown out of the church as was foretold they would, another people.

I was at church and walking with several people (20+/-) of our congregation through the halls. We encountered a young man. Parts of the halls were well lit and others not so much. I thought it odd that not all the lights were lit.

He was in distress. He could barely move or speak… everyone walked by as if they did not even notice him. He reached out and tried to ask for help, his lips moved, but no audible words came from him.

I was at the back of the group and stopped a brother who was just in front of me, he was unaware of this young man like the others, and I said to him “we need to go help him” his eyes were now opened, and he saw the young man and rushed to provide him with water and give aid. We attended to him the best we could. Mostly it was to relieve his physical sufferings – while he seemed to be approaching death.

This young man was in horrible shape, emaciated his appearance from when I first saw him had quickly deteriorated by the time this brother and I began to attend to him. Shortly after we started rendering him aid, he began cannibalizing himself. At this point, he was no longer aware of us, nor was he aware that he was consuming his own flesh. He ate his right arm from his shoulder down, tearing the arm from his shoulder and socket, consuming all of it. It was horrific, and the expression on his face was of delight.

We saw there was nothing more we could do for him and left to catch up with the rest of the group who had continued walking down the hall without us. At first, I couldn’t find them; I saw that the lights were on as before. But heavy darkness had filled the hallways, cultural hall, even the chapel all of it appeared to be consumed with this heavy darkness. I looked around in amazement and wondered how this was possible. The brother I was with was also no longer with me. I saw what appeared to be people, gathering into the chapel unawares to what was happening all around us, the darkness being so thick I couldn’t recognize anyone specifically, only their physical shapes or outlines of their bodies.

I returned back to where the young man was, but he was gone. I felt to escape the darkness that was spreading and quickly left.

I was given to understand the interpretation thereof, and the Lord revealed its meaning to me:

Being at church with members of my current ward and congregation, He was showing forth things that are present-day and not distant future or past. The group I was with, walking through the halls of the church represented those I am with who are on a similar spiritual journey as I am. A member of the bishopric, the bishop specifically led the group showing forth the order of the priesthood that was upon on the earth and the legal administrator of the gospel of repentance, who by right may administer His laws, and commandments to the people. Who by right may also obtain an inheritance for the people and arrange it by lot.

The young man represented all those who call themselves His church, or in other words who are His people, who have a covenant with the Lord, and that they are still young and have not matured in the gospel. The young man lay sideways in the chair showing forth the weakness of them who call themselves after His name and they not being upright, which would have shown forth their strength and steadiness in keeping His commandments, instead they were weak and unable to set themselves aright. He was partially dressed, wearing overalls, no shirt and his arms and parts of his chest bare, and he wore a hat. Also, these things showing forth he was only partially clothed, and not fully clothed, in other words having no coat or wedding garment, having no covering and could see their nakedness.

The halls of the church some of it was lit and other parts not so much, it was mostly darkness and disorder, and the spiritual path and journey most were on, the light showing forth messengers who have been sent, bringing forth light to those who wander in darkness if they would receive it, and it was specifically given to those who were following after the bishop, which following the bishop represented those who were following or trusting in the arm of flesh, and he himself was not capable of leading them to any more light. The bishop continued on despite his following, some flanked him on his right and on his left and others trailing closely behind, he walked hastily, steadfastly on the course he was on as if he almost was unaware of their presence and unaware that he was leading them and he led these others with him down the hall further into darkness.

I was at the back or rear of the group and able to move freely to the front and to the rear as I desired, and was able to discern both the darkness and the light, and was not bound to the same laws that they had seemed to be bound by, their course had been set for them because of their actions with the young man or lack thereof and they could not turn from it, nor did they desire to turn from it, they seemed very determined to remain on the path despite the path growing darker and did not notice me or if they did, it did not affect them in any way that I could tell. They were so focused on following the bishop to notice anyone else but him, and certainly, they did not receive the light that was being offered nor did they stop to help the needy and poor man suffering.

This young man who was in distress, he could barely move or speak showing forth the spiritually of those not being fed, who are malnourished and lacking spiritual direction or revelation, they too are in distress. He barely being able to move or speak showed forth that they neither had power nor knowledge unto deliverance from their sins, and were blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, not asking, nor seeking and would not knock.

Everyone in the group besides myself walked by as if they did not even notice him, he was sitting in the foyer in one of those floral chairs. Where he sat, it was well lit, or there was much light still, but where the hall began which was the journey it began to be darkened, when the group walked by him and did not notice him this showing forth their spiritual blindness, they could not perceive the light though it showed all around them, nor could they perceive the darkness when they entered the hallway and began their journeys to the Lord, all was well with them despite all that was taking place, ignoring those in need, it was too important they keep on the path for fear they would be left behind from rest of the group. They had no time to stop and help the needy and poor that was among them.

He reached out and tried to ask them for help as they passed by, his lips moved, but no audible words came from him, in other words, he sought relief, and he was denied. The man’s lips moved but no sound came forth, no audible words and the Lord showed to me that there was no power in their asking, and because there was no sound, the Lord would not hear them either, even in their pleadings, because they did ask in vain for relief though were sinful, and because they did not give to him who asketh, He likewise will not give to those who ask of Him, for they walked by unawares, spiritually blind and did not help those in their sufferings.

Now I stopped a brother who was just in front of me, who was unaware himself and spiritually blinded, and did not see this young man who was suffering, he being like the others in the group. This was showing forth the work that is being had among those who were seeking the Lord and on this same path, and they for a time received light from those who the Lord sent to declare His words and when they receive this light some of them could perceive the light and did begin to do the work too, they were spiritually awake. In this dream, we rushed to provide the young man with water, and he did drink showing forth a short time given for baptisms, or rather to enter in at the way and begin the path to the Lord.

We attended to him the best we could, just the two of us, which was symbolic of being few in numbers, while the rest of the group I was with despite my efforts could not be reached, only one heard me when I sought that he should help me with the work, and when he heard his eyes were opened, those who came with us seeking the Lord in the beginning in the first place departed from the Lord and heard not the things his messengers were sent to deliver, our energies and work could not produce the results we desired, it required more than just us to help him, it was revealed that only the Spirit of the Lord could do what we desired to accomplish and that despite our best efforts, only He was capable of helping those in this state, but the Lord would not do it.

Now this young man, remember he was shown to me to represent the church, the Lord’s people, but also a covenant, now our worked turned to be mostly to give comfort to him as he was approaching death, and our efforts produced little or no results anyways though it did give relief and fulfill the law and requirement. Showing forth, that He would send forth His messengers, and that that those who received them and those who joined in on the work though they were few, they could not accomplish the work they sought to do, only the Lord could perform it, but that it was needed to fulfill the law and the words of the Lord, that in that day that he could perform His strange act, and His strange work, ours was but fulfilled the law so all the words of the Lord could be fulfilled.

This young man was in horrible shape, emaciated even, his appearance from when I first saw him tell now, had quickly deteriorated, it was not long from when I saw him to trying to get others to help, crying repentance and stopping this brother who heard me, that he likewise came and labored too, it was like it was over before it began, it was set to fail. There was a very short time, and the window that was given, and the light of Christ offered was already beginning to be withdrawn.

Shortly after we gave him the water to drink we started rendering him aid, which is to mean the saints or the church being given sustenance, light, and truth, being taught correct principles and the order of heaven, he at the same time as soon as he began receiving these things, he also began cannibalizing himself, or in other words those who received this light began to sin immediately and departed from the Lord, the Lord showing forth through the man cannibalizing Himself was the sign of the beginning of their spiritual destruction.  At this point he was no longer aware of us, what light the man could perceive through our administrations could no longer be received, it was rejected, he was also not aware that he was consuming his own flesh, for he was lost in gross sin, and this became the mind of the people they became darkened in their minds and was spiritually dead,  He ate his right arm completely from off his shoulder down to his hand, tearing the arm from his shoulder and socket, consuming all of it and the Lord showing forth that those who did likewise, departing from the Lord have cut themselves off from Him, have lost the covenant that they possessed, it being held only for a very short time, and with it any priesthood and promises they had He had taken away.

It was a horrific act to behold and to watch him cannibalize himself, and the expression of his face was of delight and the Lord showing me those likewise delighted and took pleasure in their own wickedness supposing they are righteous and following the Lord, but instead were following the arm of flesh as the Lord had designed that they would. The covenant was lost by the signifying of the eating his own right arm, or in other words for the neglect of the poor and needy.

Those who continued down the hall could not later be found and became lost to the Lord, and thick darkness covered everything, they not being recognizable to me anymore, meaning they are not His sheep.

The man was gone, and no sign of him showing forth their spiritual destruction was complete. There was nothing left to be redeemed, and they had cut themselves off from the Lord completely.

Christ lives, and the Father lives, and I have been administered to by them both. God the Holy Father of us all, He is over all of creation, and He sustains all of creation by His love, His light, and Glory. Repent speedily, that you may partake of His love and Glory that it may be poured out upon you in the councils of Heaven before the General Assembly that you may know Him and of His goodness; that He is indeed worthy of our worship and fidelity. I pray that you do speedily repent that we may someday stand together with Christ when He shall return to take possession of this Earth and His kingdom. He is doing great things. He is establishing His kingdom – He is setting it up, not of man or by men, which many are on a fool’s errand but of and by Him, and He alone will establish it, and He will overthrow ALL the earthly Kingdoms.  Read the blog post that I wrote titled “Heaven and Earth.”

I fear that like Samuel the Lamanite, my words have been discarded by most of those whom they were intended for, but know this, they live – these words they live in me, for they are the words of Christ and I am alive in Christ. I bear testimony and witness of them and their truthfulness to you and do so testify that they are sealed in heaven and they shall testify against all those who will not repent and come unto the Lord, who prefer to be led by the precepts of man, who put their trust in men, who will not find out the will of God for themselves but will ask it of another because they lack the will, faith, and courage to yearn for truth and to seek it at all costs and hazards for themselves. I have done these very things of myself sought for truth at any cost and sacrificed whatsoever He commanded that I should and I have labored to bring as many of you who will who desire to  come unto Christ to a knowledge of His goodness and mercies, using me as an example, for I was such a perverse and lost soul who once loved the sin of the flesh and worldly goods more than God, my saving grace I believe was that I also loved people and I always tried to help others. If I could be redeemed and saved, a soul as unclean as mine was – so then you too can also be saved and brought to His high courts to stand in His presence and be anointed by His Holy Spirit and partake of His goodness and be made one with Him and those who reside in everlasting burning’s. Do not doubt it.

Be wary of any servant, especially those who teach using flattery, or who proclaim things about others that they themselves have not declared or taught, be wary of those who do not teach the commandments but instead teach the philosophies of man mingled with scripture who would turn the words of Christ for naught and teach that you cannot live the Sermon on the Mount, for they are not of Him. Who teach Christ’s words are too great a thing to obey or adapt for a standard and guide. For they teach, you can only keep the commandments in Zion or among a righteous people or peoplehood, that you cannot walk uprightly now before the Lord even while in a fallen and perverse world, they lie! For you can and you ought to do so or when Zion will come you will not have a place in Zion. For Zion is for the pure in heart, it is not a place to learn to keep His commandments, the stakes of Zion are the preparatory place for you to prepare to enter Zion, to learn how to keep His sayings and doings, to learn how to walk uprightly, but those who are in Zion are those who are redeemed, they are the pure in heart they are those who have learned to keep His commandments and to trust in Him alone, who know the Lord every one of them. Be a disciple of Christ and not of men.

In Jesus Christ’s name, Ahmen.


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