A Prophet, Priest and King

There has been much debate of late regarding servants, priesthood, temples and the coming forth of a restored set of scriptures.  There have even been those pitting the servants of God against the other and comparing them saying, so and so is a greater prophet than the other. These are the musings of those who do not know God, who turn the word of God for naught and who themselves do not keep the commandments.

This scripture project seeks to canonize many of Joseph’s revelations that have been left out of modern canon from the many sects that today claim Joseph Smith Jr. as their founder. This endeavor is also an attempt to restore the text of those revelations to an original unmolested form. Edits by Joseph Smith Jr. I believe are the exception; in the case of the Book of Mormon, preferring the 1840 edition over the original text from translation.  Any modifications by other editors that have changed any of Joseph’s revelations, such as found in the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants, are being discarded in favor of the original where possible to my knowledge. The Joseph Smith Translation (JST) of the Bible, an inspired version of the Bible is the preferred standard. Along with this, there are other revelations received by one such Denver Snuffer. These are being added to the Pearl of Great Price, this latter part is where it is a departure from restoring the scriptures to the original texts.

I understand the desire to get back to the original word of God, and abandon the freelancing that was had by many, that was namely done to improve the text for readability sake such as grammar and word usage, and punctuation and in some other instances the context of the revelations were changed altogether, which alterations to those revelations over the years were not inspired and were done by the learning of man and according to man’s wisdom and understanding, and not Gods. Suffice it to say, it changed and altered what was the mind and will of God to the people and added confusion in many instances, which confusion is not of Him, but of the devil.

The scripture project in and of itself is fine, the attempt to seek Gods unadulterated word is something many should seek I believe. However, what started as a project to get back to the word of the Lord has morphed into something else altogether, something much bigger. The question you must wrestle with is this, was it hijacked, did the Lord intend for this to happen all along, or is this the result of good intentions gone awry because the Lord is not directing the affairs of those involved, and because those involved having no connection with heaven themselves are working from the vantage point of man’s learning and not Gods wisdom.

To my knowledge, none have had an audience with the Father and the Son, and only one has claimed to having been in the Lord’s presence. None that I am personally aware of, and nor am I publicly aware of any who have declared the mind and will of the Lord concerning this project. Whether they received a commandment from the Lord or not, or were directed to pursue this course, and if any did, they have not come forward publicly at the time of writing this and if the Lord did direct one of them, did the Lord also authorize them to work with others to carry forth this work and to what extent is the Lords purpose in this thing, and His involvement. Have any gone beyond the mark from what the Lord intended originally?

In any case, you’ll have to discover the truth for yourself.  We do not need the Lord to command us in all things, or to seek to do things that are good, we ought to be anxiously engaged in a good cause. However, this has now become something else and deserves closer examination. For this is different than helping the poor and needy and seeking to bring relief to others and is again different than searching for the unadulterated word of God, this comes with a supposed covenant to which none have taught, with it promises of blessings and favor with God, but the word of the Lord has not been given in this matter.

For what the LDS church has been accused of as I am sure other churches are also accused of, the doing of things without a consensus of the people and also without revelation or direction from the Lord, for they have all departed from the Lord and are under judgment of Him. While he that is commanded in all things is a slothful servant, this is not a case for that, but in seeking wisdom and counsel with the Lord in all your doings, it is what He expects of you.  If you lack wisdom, ask of Him. You do not need a commandment to part of your substances to the poor, or do you? Know that the Lord has already taught this, and is a principle of heaven, given to you by way of commandment which you know through the scriptures and also the prophets of old and those He has sent to sound off in your ears today. If you do not have charity you are not His, if you are not His how can you expect a blessing at His hand, instead you are given cursing’s and burdens which are sore to bear.

The pattern of not seeking the Lord, and obtaining His word to you is being followed by many here today, the difference is, most who would challenge the LDS church for doing something similar, do not challenge it here, and those who ask questions or direct others back to the Lord are chided by those who accept everything that proceeds forth from Denver Snuffer, unchallenged and without seeking the Lord’s mind on the matter. Taking that which is received from him as though it were from Gods own mouth to their ears, without having searched, pondered and prayed to discover the truth for themselves, or obtain the mind and will of the Lord in this thing, they “feel” good about it or it “looks” like the pattern that was done anciently.

Jeremiah was to remain in Jerusalem, Lehi and his family were told to flee, if they assumed God wanted them to remain with Jeremiah and preach the word of God also, for Jeremiah was a prophet had they followed after him, they would not have been preserved and would have been destroyed.

When those who rely upon the arm of flesh, and take Denver for his word (or any other), they do make him a Moses to the people, if even a servant of God, and by their actions, they are idolaters and have set him up to lead them, instead of the Lord. Even if he abases himself and even if he refuses to lead you, and though he has not accepted responsibility for those who are following him, you have made of him a de facto leader, a quasi-leader.

Each person is to stand for themselves. Only Christ is worthy of our admiration, praise, and testimonies. It is because of His good will and pleasure that anyone is sent to call the people back to Him and repent, such praise is and should be reserved ONLY for the Lord and our Father which is in Heaven, praise of man is foolishness, even if he is sent of God. He sends prophets and messengers to set in order His House and to call the people to repentance, to establish the Lord’s ways and laws, and restore to you that which has been lost, even a knowledge that man may come to and converse with the Lord face to face.

Thus, the Lord said to me on March 13, 2016, the following passage of scripture is thus fulfilled:

When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, and shall say: Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler, and let not this ruin come under thy hand—

In that day shall he swear, saying: I will not be a healer; for in my house there is neither bread nor clothing; make me not a ruler of the people. (2 Nephi 13:6-7)

Denver in a portion of an email said in part on February 29, 2016:

I’m not a judge or bishop and would not like to be put into that position.

I would hope this could end peaceably and directly between those involved, and without any further public display of conflict between the parties. But if not, I do not want to be made a judge or bishop.

On March 28, 2017, it was said to him according to the will of the Spirit of the Lord in an email I sent in part:

You are my brother whether you esteem me as such or not, we have the same Father and you have been clothed, will you let this chance for Zion come under ruin and continue to refuse to lead this people? Be thou their ruler; did you not say that if you desired the chance to establish a church, or Zion that He would allow you to do as such, for it is what they desire, whether you accept them or not, you are leading them and they desire it and the Lord hath done it, so that they would stumble and whether you accept the role as Moses or not, they have appointed you in their hearts as their prophet.

Thus, the words of both Isaiah and Nephi are fulfilled and was given to me by the word of the Lord and that, that man who is clothed as prophesied has refused to lead you, He will not heal the wound nor the divide, nor judge the matter, nor administer to you as a bishop or a ruler would, and he, who is a brother of the House of His Father, did ask of him according to the will of the Lord because the people desired it.

Denver has come with an authorized message and for many years has labored among many of you. Thus, the words of Isaiah and Nephi is fulfilled and was given to me by the word of the Lord to declare it to not only him , but also now to you and that man who is clothed in the robes of the priesthood and not naked before the Lord, that despite your many petitions that he will speak to you, to answer you, to be the mouth of God to you, though he refuses, you still have set him up to be a mouthpiece to you and a Moses, and you follow him, though he will not lead you. Though he has repeatedly told you to go to the Lord and seek Him and has expounded the will of the Lord concerning this people and has taught that each one of you should stand for yourselves, most will not, or cannot because they keep not His commandments.

Denver has not made any authority claims, he claims he has been given a dispensation, it cannot mean then what you think it to mean, though he has declared to you the words of the Lord in times past, you have not acted with full purposes of heart, some of you got excited and acted without first seeking the Lord, you have not demonstrated your patience and willingness to wait upon Him. You have given authority to Denver over you though he claims none and has sought none, and you have turned to him and so by doing you have turned away from the Lord, why is your eye not single to the Lord? Denver has not that I am aware of, tried to make himself the center of attention, or does he?  In all my experience He has remained humble and born the fruits of the spirit. Yet many of you lift him up anyways, why? Why do you idolize him and bear witness of him, though he tries as much as possible to teach, persuade, use meekness, display pure knowledge, and long-suffering? Though he says go to God yourselves and obtain His voice, you lean and hope on Denver, and hope his efforts will lead you to the Lord and to Zion, you do not lean on the Lord whose work this is nor can you see it, the path to the Lord is lonely, it is walked alone… Denver tries to let others do as much as they can on their own, yet he still must obey the Lord regardless of you and do His will, though many of you have desired things of the Lord from Denver, that you ought to not have, by it you have brought the Lord’s displeasure upon your own heads.

You ought to have waited on the Lord and sought that He be your Prophet instead, that He would deliver His own messages to your ears and also that He would be your Priest and heal you, and also your King to be your ruler and lead you. You ought to have said to the Lord as one voice, Lord we want you to declare your words to us instead of messengers, yay even: Come be with us your people for we will receive you and none other, though we are grateful you did speak to us through your many messengers, yay Lord, we hear your voice, Lord, thy servants heareth, speaketh Lord to us thy will, be our Prophet, Priest, and King.  Instead, you called conferences and praised one another, repeating the patterns of those who have come before you. Receiving a little light, but not the administrations of heaven, which light shall be turned against you and shall stand to condemn you at the last day, knowing you did receive the word of God but did not keep His sayings. Why haven’t you petitioned the Lord as a people for Him to be your prophet, to be your mediator with the Father, why not instead gather together and offer up solemn prayers calling upon the Lord all weekend, taking turns together in mighty prayer and praying as a people, all day and all night without ceasing.

An old Indian proverb says, that the white man (gentiles) goes to church to talk about God, but the Indian goes to his tepee to talk with God. Your conferences have been to talk about God, not to talk with God, and thus you cannot receive because you desired that a prophet should speak to you and not the Lord. You sought to hear from His messengers rather than sought to petition the Lord together to talk to you Himself, and while His messengers will come it will only be because of a few of you who will receive it, and the others will feel good but not be able to understand it and nor will they obtain a connection with heaven themselves, but others will hear the message and go to the Lord for they hear Him in the words that are given and those whom He speaks through if even a little child and a child shall declare it to you.

Now with all this, there is also much talk of a covenant being offered to the Gentiles, it is associated with the acceptance of these restored scriptures, particularly the restored Book of Mormon, according to some, accepting the Book of Mormon by covenant has never been done before. The scriptures from my understanding will be presented to the Lord once they are finished and once they have been accepted by the few gentiles who shall gather to receive it, and with this, petitioning the Lord and seeking for His acceptance and approval of these scriptures, that they, should the Lord accept it, may have a way for the Gentiles who repent to be counted among His sheep and of the House of Israel, that they may be numbered among the Remnant of Jacob – which has yet to be fully restored.

First, who is administering the covenant to you, if it is not the Lord, it is a covenant between you and that man, it is an association with that man, if even that man is sent of the Lord and declares to you the covenant, exactly as the Lord gave it to that man to give to you, it is still that man you have a relationship with, if He is the one to bring you under this covenant and not the Lord Himself, while He himself has an association with the Lord, the Lord is withdrawn from you and you are cut off from Him. As it was with Moses, as it became with Joseph, as has become with some of you.

The Lord said to me the following on April 25, 2017:

The only way to get a covenant from God is to get it from God. Man offers you a covenant you have an association with man and not God. People of Israel received a covenant from Moses and were cut off from God. Moses was the mouthpiece, that’s not a good thing. That’s what a curse looks like. The Lord desires to speak to all His children individually. If you won’t hear Him, he’ll send a messenger and if you still won’t hear Him you’ll have a Moses also for the Lord to speak to you through, that prophet will speak on His behalf instead of His people hearing Him by His own mouth and it’ll be because of a curse and not because you are righteous as some may suppose.

If you want a covenant from God, you must obtain it from God. Moses invited the people to enter into Gods presence and they would not, therefore they did not obtain a promise and covenant with God. Instead they received cursing’s, were cut off from the Lord and any association with heaven thereafter was through and by Moses, and some of those others who did ascend with Moses, and these obtained the mind and will of the Lord for the people, because they could not, nor would He talk with them.

If God says to a man whatsoever you seal on earth is sealed and whatever you seal in Heaven is sealed and so forth. Is it by the man’s authority and power? no, it is Gods, and God would honor it. It is His power and not the mans. Has God given His power unto man, or does He make man powerful? These He knows will never do anything of their own will and without asking Him, having been proven in all things He grants to them this gift to act and do so in His name and to be Saviors on Mount Zion.

Man, may invite you to have a covenant with God, but he cannot issue you that covenant, he may perform the ordinance that invites you to obtain that covenant such as baptism, but that covenant exists between God and you, Christ is the mediator and keeper at the gate, your baptisms are not complete until you receive the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost. While the first part brings you into an association with Christ’s church you are not yet numbered among the Saints, baptism is the authorized invitation and SIGN of your repentance and willingness to follow Christ, keep His commandments and take upon you His name and by this you show your willingness to receive a covenant from the Lord.  It is not between you and that man, the legal administrator having authority given to Him of Jesus Christ may invite you, after God has thoroughly proven you, He says He will visit you with fire and with the Holy Ghost (2 Nephi 31). You have thus obtained a covenant from God, having been anointed by His spirit, you are given a new name, which name is Jesus Christ and are counted as His child. Having thus been proven of by Him, you are found worthy to continue on, now you may approach the Lord with power and seek an audience with Him.

A covenant with God is associated with you obtaining Gods own voice and or also enjoying communion with Him in some form and according to His will. Wherein He promises you certain things. Some of these covenants and the associated blessings, promises, conditions, and cursings are contained in the Holy Scriptures. When receiving a covenant from the Lord He gives to you the conditions of that covenant and cursing’s also that are associated with it, as well as the blessings you will receive by keeping and adhering to the conditions of that covenant. He makes to you promises and an oath of things that He will perform by your diligence and obedience to conditions of the covenant. This is all the parts of a whole, this is what makes a covenant.

In the temple, you are only taught the promises, blessings, and conditions, but not taught of the cursings in the forms of the penal signs associated with breaking any of the covenants you obtained with God. As temple covenants are issued by man, they teach of the covenant you must seek with God and are an authoritative injunction for you to act, you are invited to come and seek it from the Lord, but you only have an association with that man, but not with God, not yet, if even God issued forth those ordinances and covenants for an authorized servant to administer them to you, they are limited in what they do, they are given to you that you might know who it is and what it is you worship and how you may come unto Christ and be received, they teach how you might obtain a covenant and promise for yourselves from the Lord.

Temple covenants teach you and prepare you to receive covenants from God which His have power, while temple covenants and promises given by man do not have that power in the same way, they have power to invite you to go to God and receive it from Him. You are then able to approach Him with power, having received the keys of the priesthood, which teach you how you might approach Him, be recognized by Him and receive an answer to your prayers. For without a knowledge of these things, no man or woman can approach God and expect that He shall receive answers without them, nor open the heavens and obtain salvation.

Joseph received this key to receiving answers to prayers in the following passage:

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. (KJV James1:5-6)

The conditions of this key of the priesthood to receive answers is:

  1. Ask of God
  2. This invitation is given to all; in other words, He is generous
  3. He will not punish you for asking or send you away, He will hear you
  4. Believing you will receive an answer
  5. Asking in faith, literally praying and pouring your heart out to Him
  6. Do not doubt, nothing doubting, being believing and you will receive

The last portion of the verse is the burden of your asking, if you waver at all in your asking, you’re asking has no power, you did not abide the conditions to receive. This key of the priesthood once understood, allows you to receive it and use it, in order for you to exercise this key, you must also know that your asking cannot be in vain, if you are doubting and not believing and lack faith, ask God for those things in your life first, by asking you invite Him to begin to work on you and those defects in your life that is keeping you from getting answers to your prayers.

This is a covenant between you and God to get answers to your prayers. You received knowledge of and the conditions of the covenant from a man, from the scriptures, but I cannot bring to you the answers, or to give the covenant any power but I can invite you to receive it from the Lord and give you the laws and conditions of the covenant so you can receive.

This is a covenant that involves prayer, it is between you and God or also called sometimes seeking, asking, knocking. This covenant is extended to all, it is given that you might know how to ask, and how you might obtain answers to your prayers. You enter into this covenant when you begin to obey Gods commandment to receive answers, what does the scripture say you must do and perform? Let him ask of God, when you ask you have entered into a covenant with God, though the covenant is not yet fulfilled, the conditions of the covenant in order to receive the blessings and promises associated with it are that you ask in faith, nothing doubting, being believing, knowing that He gives to all liberally or generously, which teaches you a thing of His nature, being, and character and doing all these things nothing doubting, you will receive and obtain the blessing and promises of this covenant and have answers to your prayers.  If you doubt and waver in asking, you did not keep the conditions of the covenant to receive an answer and have broken the covenant. He may choose to answer you anyway, and seek to prove you so you can obtain the answer to your questions, for to receive blessings at His hand, they come by obedience to the law, which also requires a sacrifice to be made to Him. The greater your asking the greater the sacrifice that will be required for you to receive it.

This is the key whereby you may ask and receive answers to your prayers. Understanding, He answerers in His own way, according to His will and in His own time, but He does answer, but because of your asking, if you lack something that you need to overcome first before He can answer, He will seek to remedy that defect first, if you endure the trial of your faith, you will be blessed not only with answers you seek to your questions, but also other gifts He will place upon you. Whatever the question, it may require additional work, promises, blessings, and performances on your part to receive it. He does and will answer, just not always in the way that you think, He will defy your own wisdom and understanding and teach you more about Him, and that He is wiser than us all.

Now a messenger who is a legal administrator may instruct you in the laws of God and teaches you how might obtain a covenant with blessings and promises from the Lord, He may even be authorized to invite you to receive a covenant from God, but you must obtain it from the Lord.  If that prophet administers to you a covenant by his own mouth, which he may have rights and be a legal administrator as was Moses to do, if even he being sent of God to declare it to you, you have not an association with God, nor with Heaven, but with that man, while he has an association with heaven, you will not, if even he is sent of God, you must then rely on him, obey him, and do all the things he shall say to you to do, as Moses did with the people. He will receive revelation and commandments from the Lord to issue forth to the people as Joseph did and as Moses did, who stood as a god to the people, and issued forth laws and judgements to the people, yet they were cut off from God, God would not direct them, nor give them His laws to them in their hearts, but instead, gave it to another to give to them even Moses.

They like many of you have refused to come into Gods presence and receive a covenant from Him, they did not obtain any blessings and promises from the Lord themselves, instead they had to get it from Moses, and they were cursed, shut out from Gods presence and Moses became the mediator and administrator of the covenant, promises, and blessings of God to the people, rather than the Lord. You see, this largely played out through the early Saints too, God having appointed Joseph to receive laws and commandments, promises and blessings on behalf of the Saints, because the Saints too were becoming cursed, condemned and found unworthy to have an association with heaven themselves, while Joseph had association with heaven and with God, most everyone else was cut off from the Lord, they were directed by Joseph and also by the Holy Ghost, the still small voice, and not by the Holy Spirit, which is to poses the mind of the Father and the Son, nor the voice of the Lord, nor were they acquainted with it, nor with the revelations of God and any administrations they received came by Joseph who the Lord appointed and some few others, and were their legal administrators because they would not hearken to God and keep the Lords commandments.

Being led by the Holy Ghost and whisperings of the Spirit and or Angels is Aaronic, and Telestial Order, being led by the administrations of Jesus Christ, by His Holy Spirit and voice, is a Terrestrial Order, and being led by the Father and the administrations of His Spirit and voice, is a Celestial Order.  A person who receives an administration with the Father, will receive them all, while some may only receive an administration from the Son, and the Holy Ghost he cannot yet receive administration from the Father, and some may only be receiving administrations from the Holy Ghost and Angels, and not the Son or the Father yet, therefore he can only receive these, and some yet may not have received Angels yet, and only can receive an administration from the Holy Ghost, the still small voice, and those who have none of these have the light of Christ in them, given to all, to know right from wrong, and they must walk by it until they have proven themselves and can receive and abide by a greater light.

More info about temple ordinances, tokens, and signs can be found here: Understanding the Endowment and also more info can be found out about the scriptures project from the: Scripture Project Team’s website and the official announcement, and likely more on Denver Snuffer’s blog.

The scripture project is a worthy endeavor. It will, however, have produce problems in the future. That does not mean it should not be carried forth as far as possible, it is a good cause, the work will be hedged up, there will be some who seek to impugn the source materials, but it will not be for naught, and some may even benefit and out of all that is about to take place a small few will be refined and found worthy to be counted among the remnant of Jacob.

I prefer the 1830’s edition of the Book of Mormon for daily reading; I enjoy reading from that as also the Restored Covenant Edition (the original site no longer exists, but they have moved here) (RCE) of the Book of Mormon. I am not limited to which version I use and depending on my purposes, I will refer to one or the other. If I am out and about I use the LDS scripture app.  The JST of the Bible is my preferred source of study for the Old and New Testaments, but I also deviate from it and use other versions too.

Now my point is, in saying all that, is that we have the scriptures today, different versions and styles, the problem that persists with the saints of old, persists today. People do not read them and when they do, they do not believe them, and when they do read them they do not understand them, nor do they search them, nor do they ponder over them nor do they feast upon the words of Christ, nor do they keep His commandments but do treat the things of God lightly and the things that are taught in the many of your churches amongst all the denominations are that they might get gain and or praise of others. That is and has been and will always be the root of the problem and why people will be cast out from His presence, not gathered and redeemed by the Lord. People prefer the carnal sensuality and devilish practices than the things of God.

There is also an attempt to raise funds to build a temple. Where this is coming from, other than they saw that Joseph did it and that God commanded Joseph and the Saints at Nauvoo to do it, they believe they likewise must do it too.

With the scriptures, available to us now today, I myself have obtained a covenant and promise from the Lord, have ascended to Heaven and been received by the Father and have been administered to by Him, the Son also and by Angels. I have dreamed dreams and had visions and many other gifts of the spirit have I received. These were contingent on my diligence to keeping the commandments, learning how to obey His voice, and to follow every whispering of the spirit and to hearken to it, to part of my substances to the poor and to walk uprightly before the Lord even when I was afflicted and to bear all things with patience and love. Now I am not a lone man, on an island, I am a father, a brother, a son, a husband and these things are brought to them, and I have obtained promises concerning my family, for the Lord seeks to redeem all and they too must come up in the same way I have and receive according to the will of the Lord. All shall come unto the Father by and through His Son Jesus Christ, by His word and by Him. There is no other way.

I did all this and received these things, and you can also, and it was because of His good will and pleasure and not because of my righteousness, for I am not, only He is righteous. I am weak and a poor servant. But in my weaknesses, I sought to do good continually; I remained chaste and sought not to satisfy the flesh but instead sought to fill myself with the spirit. I literally cut myself off from the things of this world, I did not partake and refused to join in the pleasures whether wicked or not, that are carnal nonetheless. I stayed home and only went outdoors as I needed. In a sense, I went into a cave to dwell and refused to leave it until I had accomplished to do that which I had set out to do. My house became my cave and it became a place, a temple, that could be holy and set apart from the world. If you have read my testimony and witness or listened to my interview you will be acquainted with some of my follies and shortcomings as well as my successes. While my house became my cave, I was not an isolationist but where I could, I cut out the world from my life and I did. Though I did stumble and sin, I repented and kept going in faith, nothing wavering.

My point in all of this is, though the ordinances in the temple have been changed, the word of the Lord contained in the scriptures altered I was still able to ascend to Him and not be kept from without the veil. You have the scriptures before you and they contain His words and commandments. You can do likewise. It is by sacrifice that these things are done, there is nothing that is not accomplished that is not a sacrifice. Sacrifice is an eternal principle; it is the path of the gods. And through the power of the Holy Ghost you can know the truth of all things even in the attempts of man to distort truth and change the word of God, you can find it out as Joseph did, not having the Book of Mormon, only the Bible He too was able to receive the Spirit which led him to ask of God in faith, nothing wavering and he did receive.

It is the same as it always has been and is a principle and order of Heaven that when any blessing is received it is predicated upon obedience to the law, and with those specific laws, and commandments, and your diligence to be obedient to them and whatsoever thing you receive being believing from Him, by faith and a godly walk you shall receive and you shall hear His voice. For the Angels, will take notice of you and return and report, to the Son and the Father. Not only are you blessed through your obedience to those commandments, but you also obtain a covenant and promises associated with them from the Lord and some of those blessings require a greater sacrifice at your hand and He will choose it for you, and will appoint unto you the sacrifice that you will make unto Him and it will consist of a broken heart and contrite spirit and you cannot approach Him or feign belief or a broken heart, for He will try you and prove you in all things, and you will not come unto Him in any other way than the way in which He has appointed unto you that you should. Study again 2 Nephi 31-32, Alma 32 and also Alma 34.

The difference was, though I am weak, I was continually repenting and I sought the Lord with all of my heart and being, though I feared and trembled before Him, and though I was sorely chastised I wanted to please Him and knew that it pleased Him to bruise me when and in those times that He did and according to His own will. And He did it so He could show me His great strength and also His mercy and that He is mighty to save. For the Lord chastises those whom He loves. Which chastisement, and trial, was sore to bear.

I wanted to keep His commandments, not because it was a commandment but I desired to please Him because I loved Him. I do whatsoever it is that He puts upon me to do. Before, when I was not willing, He would take away what I held dear, He took almost all that I had before I surrendered, even my son was taken through a custody dispute and divorce, my worldly possessions and the such became slippery and I could not possess them with my might and He took them, took what He will, it wasn’t until I gave them away freely and stopped fighting God that I found relief. I slowly became willing, first because I saw I had no power to fight against God, and not only that but I began to be glad to do it, I saw how my sacrifices and the giving away to those in need blessed them and I saw that it pleased the Lord. I was moved to have compassion for those.

I made to Him an offering of my own life in the depths of pain, physical agony and despair, for my soul was wretched and tormented for all my sins and for fighting against Him and yet He loved me anyway and He did fill me with His love and did sustain me from day to day, none else could bring relief, only He could and He intended it to be that way, to teach me and show me that He was not only capable of preserving my life but also that He was mightier than death and sin and that I could rely upon Him for my salvation.

I did offer to Him in all humility a broken man and unafraid, that should He if he desired to take my life, He could, and I would not withhold it from Him for I was guilty and His judgments just. I offered my life to Him freely, but I swore to Him in that same breath with an oath from my lips with all that is me and all the courage that I could muster with my whole heart and my whole soul and crying out to the Lord for His mercy and deliverance, that if He preserved my life, for it was always and is always in His hands, that I would serve Him all the days of my life, and He did hear my cry and pleadings, and was sorely proven in all things before He accepted the offering of a broken heart and contrite spirit, and made all the offerings and sacrifices He appointed unto me, that I should make to Him and when He accepted them I heard the Lord speak and He spoke and said in His own voice:

I have accepted of you, your sacrifice and offerings made unto to me in righteousness.  (01/2011)

This is the great wrestle I had with the Lord before I retained a remission of my sins, before He received me, and accepted my sacrifice and I did receive of Him His laws, for they were written upon my heart and He did hear me and accepted of my many petitions for they truly were many, night and day, and He did bear me up in my afflictions, and did quench the fire of my soul and torment and did reveal His power to me and His love for me, and I became His, having been approved of by Him.

Through this I came to know exactly who the Lord is, and how mighty He is to save and developed the faith required to lay hold to the blessings of eternity. You can too. You each have what it takes, but most of you will not do it, you’re too comfortable and also too afraid. You do not believe it. But He has prepared a way and for some of you who will have the courage will embark upon the path that is set before you and you will come to know the Lord as I did in a similar way.

It is because of these things, my love for the Lord and the discussions taken place among some of you, having been left to ponder them and searching them out in my mind, heart, and spirit and asking the Lord that He did suddenly and immediately open up my understanding to many things. He showed forth His will to me concerning these things and His wise purposes with the Saints during the days of Joseph and also His purpose today with those of you who desire a blessing at His hand, in particularly those involved with the aforementioned happenings and also those who are among us, who seek the Lord continually and faithfully, and others too that most don’t know but who are His sheep.

My plea is to all to come unto Christ, both Jew, and Gentile, but also those who call themselves after the Holy Prophet Muhammed who are Islam, come and join with us and Christ and be His Sons, and also those of you who are a remnant in this land, who are of the House of Jacob, hear me the words that I speak unto you, for I am also Joseph, a son of Joseph who was sold into Egypt and our fathers and Lehi did obtain a blessing and promise for His future posterity from the Lord of which we are.  Hear these my words and come forward.

Christ’s own words to me, have been written in red, not all that He taught to me can be given as though it were word by word, for the things He taught not only did He teach them and say them, but He also had shown me things, and I did see them, and not only did I hear Him speak, and also saw according to His will, I was also given to understand them, which understanding came by His own mind and that is what I will teach here, because of His will and not my own.

Nauvoo Temple and the Fullness of the Priesthood

The Lord did show me the Saints who were at Nauvoo who were building the temple, and I saw them and the temple through the eyes of the Lord and knew His purposes, for I did see it and saw His wise purpose in all of it in the building of the temple, and I knew His compassion and love for them. I saw also His displeasure with their disobedience to His commandments and His sadness for those who would not hearken to Him as He had desired that they should, nor would they come into His presence and receive the blessings at His hand that He wished to bestow upon them.  I likewise did see His displeasure with some of you today in desiring things from the Lord that you ought not have desired, and teaching things that are contrary to the will and order of heaven and for not sanctifying yourselves that you could be made worthy to enter into His presence and have instead sought for a Moses to speak to you the mind and will of the Lord.

I received the following revelation from the Lord because of some of the disputations among some of you. I inquired of the Lord regarding what priesthood was upon the earth and what priesthood had I, if any. I received it by His own voice and He declared to me the following:

Those who seek for priesthood and power will have neither, but those who seek to do my will, the will of the Lord, shall have both priesthood and power to do that which I have asked of you. (06/04/2016)

Some of you have sought the Lord in vain, without full purpose of heart, not being believing and because of your unbelief and disobedience to His commandments He hath done these things to you and has prepared for you a trial that is sore to bear, that you might be humbled, if you repent and be faithful and endure these things, you might be redeemed and counted among His sheep, but if you should lift up your voices and curse God, that you should die, He will take death from before you and you shall not have the pleasure of departing this world before you have tasted of His wrath and indignation.

It is His purpose that I say anything at all, that you may be benefited by it, but also that you might know the Lord’s purposes concerning these several things which are unknown too many. That you may learn from those who have gone before you and had failed to be redeemed in Zion that you might through your own faith and diligence in keeping His commandments and doing His works might be found worthy to receive according to the desires of your heart and also that you may be held accountable to God having been thus warned and received His word, that if you depart from Him, having been warned, He being justified to deal justice swiftly to the disobedient that He, according to His own pleasure and timing will bring His wrath and indignation upon you,  but also to the humble He showing forth His mercy to you, for you are the lowly in heart, and He knows you, you are who are not puffed up, for you shall have favor in the Lord.

For the things, He revealed to me, I had not before considered, and He did open up my understanding to them and shown them to me.

For many, the justification for collecting funds for the building of a temple is found in the following passages, some stating “this is why a temple is necessary”:

“The 2nd Priesthood is Patriarchal authority. Go to and finish the temple, and God will fill it with power, and you will then receive more knowledge concerning this priesthood (HC 5:555).

And also:

For there is not a place found on earth that he may come to and restore again that which was lost unto you, or which he hath taken away, even the fulness of the priesthood. (D&C 124:28)

That as it were, we ought to consider this parable from a man named Jesus found in Luke:

[H]e spake also a parable unto them, saying, No man putteth a piece of new cloth upon an old garment; if so, then the new maketh a rent and agreeth not with the old. And no man putteth new wine into old bottles, else the new wine will burst the bottles and be spilled, and the bottles shall perish. But new wine must be put into new bottles, and both are preserved. No man also, having drunk old wine, desireth new; for he saith, The old is better. (JST Luke 5:36-39)

Old wine is not fit for new wineskins; new wineskins for the new wine. Nor will the Lord do these things in the way that you think:

I will not cause that which had been done before, to be done again, in that same way and I will not give to those of you who shall come, the more precious parts of my gospel that I gave before. For I will not suffer that these things that are holy and precious to come among you who are not worthy, that they may not be defiled again, for these things are reserved until such a time, after a time has passed, to those who are the pure in heart, that they may be able to receive them, even from me. (09/2016)

The Lord while speaking these words had also shown to me what would happen if He gave the more precious parts of His gospel as He had done before, and He had shown to me that because of these things, these would not come again until a time that wickedness has been dealt a major blow, after a time has passed, that if He gave these things now to those who are not worthy and unprepared they would become corrupted. Evil and conspiring men would use them to get gain, one over the other, who seek this very hour to bring you into bondage and subjugation to them, but they who are prepared, and who seek the Lord shall receive them from the Lord Himself, when He will.

The Lord knowing that many are hindered because of the wickedness of man, and are not yet ready to receive them, He shall prepare a way for your escape that those of you who are pure in heart, may not be hindered any longer and that you may come up to Him and receive freely that which He offers.

Now this same priesthood that you desire that Joseph received, was also received by Abraham, as also Melchizedek, as also Enoch as also Adam, it is a patriarchal priesthood, even the fullness and this comes from an association with the Father and the Son, and having entered into His presence you are given this priesthood and an endowment.

The pattern, by which the Lord calls His prophets, even from the beginning, is from His own voice. Wicked men having learned this and having this knowledge have made claims to having received the Lords voice when they have not, and they neither keep His commandants and they cause that others likewise do as they themselves are doing, and they seek to lead as many of you away from the Lord as they can. If one should come to you and bid you not to keep the Lords commandments and shall teach a strange teaching and doctrine, then dismiss him or her, and do not the things they tell you to do. There are other things by which you may learn to detect false messengers, but you must receive it by the spirit of revelation.

For the Lord, will not send one who will say to you, who is not your lawful spouse: lay with me, the Lord has given you to me that we may lay together. Nor will you perform a thing which you call an ordnance and lay with each other, one man and one woman, or two men and two women and so forth who is not your spouse, nor are they your spiritual wives or husbands either, but are given to another, and those who teach you these things, that you should do such and such and are acceptable unto the Lord, maketh a lie. Turn from them – for they seek the flesh to satisfy it and to practice abominations before the Lord and misery is their reward.   For these teach you not to keep the commandments and are a law unto themselves.

Now this priesthood that I speak of is not of men or man, or woman or women for that matter. You cannot be called nor elected into this holy order (position and calling) by men or a man, or the will of men. Nor be sustained to it. (Please note any emphasis is mine)

Now Melchizedek was a man of faith, who wrought righteousness; and when a child, he feared God, and stopped the mouths of lions, and quenched the violence of fire. And thus, having been approved of God, he was ordained a high priest after the order of the covenant which God made with Enoch, it being after the order of the Son of God, which order came not by man, nor the will of man, neither by father nor mother, neither by beginning of days nor end of years, but of God. And it was delivered unto men by the calling of his own voice, according to his own will, unto as many as believed on his name.

For God, having sworn unto Enoch and unto his seed with an oath by himself that everyone being ordained after this order and calling should have power, by faith, to break mountains, to divide the seas, to dry up waters, to turn them out of their course, to put at defiance the armies of nations, to divide the earth, to break every band, to stand in the presence of God, to do all things according to his will, according to his command, subdue principalities and powers; and this by the will of the Son of God which was from before the foundation of the world. And men having this faith, coming up unto this order of God, were translated and taken up into heaven. And now, Melchizedek was a priest of this order (JST Gen 14:26-32).

And also:

God will not acknowledge that which He has not called, ordained, and chosen. In the beginning God called Adam by His own voice. “And the Lord called unto Adam and said unto him, where art thou? And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, and hid myself.” (See Genesis 3:9-10.) Adam received commandments and instructions from God: this was the order from the beginning (TPJS, pg. 168)

Thus we behold the keys of this Priesthood consisted in obtaining the voice of Jehovah that He talked with him [Noah] in a familiar and friendly manner, that He continued to him the keys, the covenants, the power and the glory, with which He blessed Adam (TPJS, pg. 171)

Alma went and began to declare the word of God unto the church…. according to the revelation of the truth of the word… according to the spirit of prophecy which was in him, according to the testimony of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who should come to redeem his people from their sins, and the holy order by which he was called. (Alma 6:8)

Having been visited by the Spirit of Godhaving conversed with angels, and having been spoken unto by the voice of the Lord; and having the spirit of prophecy, and the spirit of revelation, and also many gifts, the gift of speaking with tongues, and the gift of preaching, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and the gift of translation; (Alma 9:21)

This pattern and order was also followed with the Savior, the Son of God:

…And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. (Matt 3:16-17)

And finally, Joseph Smith Jr.:

One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other–This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!” (Joseph Smith – History 1:17)

This is the pattern and order of this priesthood, the patriarchal priesthood and is and has been even from the beginning, and will always be. Let’s not forget Samuel who the Lord called too, by His own voice, several times before Samuel answered, and Jacob and Joseph the brothers of Nephi who first obtained their errand from the Lord before teaching (Jacob 1:17). Nor Lehi, who was caught up to heaven after conversing with the Lord in a pillar of fire which dwelt upon a rock. (1 Nephi 1:6 & 8)

We see this same instruction played out again in the Doctrine and Covenants:

Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men. (D&C 11:21)

In other words, first seek to obtain His word, to you by His own voice, and receive your errand from the Lord and if you desire He shall send you.

So, God said to the Saints in Joseph’s day which causes many today to stumble:

2nd Priesthood. Patriarchal Authority. Finish the temple and God will fill it with power. (Joseph Smith Papers, V. 3, pg. 87),

That power and priesthood is the Patriarchal Priesthood, or Patriarchal Authority, we learned that from the Joseph Smith Papers, V. 3, pg. 87 and also History of the Church 5:555.  This priesthood comes from the Eternal Father, and those of this Priesthood are a Priest unto this order, as was Melchizedek (JST Gen 14:32).

In another revelation to Joseph He refers to this priesthood which we know to be patriarchal and that it’s restoration to the Saints in his day, is associated with, but not solely contingent upon the building of the temple at Nauvoo, and is referred to by revelation as the fullness: “For there is not a place found on earth that he may come to and restore again that which was lost unto you, or which he hath taken away, even the fulness of the priesthood” (D&C 124:28).

From these revelations about finishing the temple, filling it with power, they will receive more concerning this priesthood, and restore that which is a fullness which had been lost or taken away from them, it being the Patriarchal Priesthood, which patriarchal or patriarch means Father and having an association with the Father and also the Son He being your father also He having redeemed you, it being of a Celestial order. The Melchizedek priesthood it being after the Order of the Son of God and is an association with the Son, it being Terrestrial, and the Aaronic it being an association with Angels it being Telestial. All priesthood is one priesthood it having different portions or degrees to it.

We know the Nauvoo temple was never finished, though in nearly every instance it is portrayed that it was by those of the Utah based Mormon faith, as well as others who claim their church through Brigham Young. There are many break offs. We should also understand that those blessings and promises that were associated with the Saints at Nauvoo and around the world who received the New and Everlasting Covenant at that time, that it was specific to them and in relation to the completion of THAT temple. Those blessings and promises were never realized, and they failed to receive a restoration of the fullness of the Priesthood they once had, “which was lost unto you, or which he hath taken away” (D&C 124:28). They were also moved out of the place when He said they would not be and the Lord did not fight their battles as He had promised them He would do if they obeyed His voice.  (D&C 124)

A correct assessment was given by Brigham Young regarding the fullness of the priesthood in a meeting with the Twelve Apostles in Philadelphia, August 1843:

He also remarked that if any in the Church had the fullness of the Melchisedec Priesthood, he did not know it. For any person to have the fullness of that priesthood, he must be a king and priest. A person may have a portion of that priesthood. (H of C, v.5, p. 527)

From the recorded History of the Church (HC) volume 7:

Sunday 8 – We asked his blessing upon our intended move to the west; also asked him to enable us someday to finish the Temple, and dedicate it to him. (Brigham Young. HC 7:580)

There is no revelation thereafter to this day where the Lord restored the fullness of the priesthood to anyone or to a group of people as had been promised, the LDS church makes no claims to having received the fullness after Nauvoo and insist that it was never lost and that it was given to the Twelve before Joseph died. Saying that Joseph gave them the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, which He did, but because they do not understand what they received and possessed, they cannot exercise them nor teach them so that others too can obtain salvation for themselves and the purpose of them has become lost to them and because of this they have gone and changed His ordinances. Any who come and make such claims as these saying we have the keys, we have the tokens and signs is a deceiver and is attempting to deceive you, for they do not know them, though they may possess knowledge of them they are powerless to teach them in way that will expound their meaning and purposes to YOU so that you may walk back to the presence of the Father.

We know the Saints came under condemnation well before they were rejected:

they shall remain under this condemnation until they repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon and the former commandments which I have given them, not only to say, but to do according to that which I have written. (D&C 84:57)

They needed to remember the covenant “which [He had] given them” even “the Book of Mormon”. They were placed under condemnation, not for not receiving the covenant, because they had obtained a new and everlasting covenant and promise, but it was for failing to keep the statutes of that covenant and treating that which they received lightly, the covenant belonging to the Book of Mormon, to which they received from the Lord. This revelation was given September 22 – 23, of 1832 and confirms the Book of Mormon was received by covenant by the early Saints, for the Lord himself declared they had. (D&C 84:57)

Some of you must realize the time and season for the Nauvoo temple to be finished, so He can fill it with power, has passed. The time and season for the Saints to remember the covenant that He had given to them, which is the Book of Mormon, to remove the condemnation has also passed, and with it, all the blessings, promises, and covenants that the Saints received in that day, for that generation and the generations to come, are now all passed away. The temple was destroyed, it was never finished and the Lord did not accept it as a House unto Him, the Saints were scattered, moved out of their place, smitten with a curse and rejected.

The Lord warned on January 19th 1841 if they did not repent and finish the temple they would be rejected as a church, along with their dead, if they did not do the things He commanded them to do, stating:

But behold, at the end of this appointment your baptisms for your dead shall not be acceptable unto me; and if you do not these things at the end of the appointment ye shall be rejected as a church, with your dead, saith the Lord your God. (D&C 124:32)

It mattered not if they would have even accomplished the task of building a House unto the Lord anyways, He would not do that which He promised them that He would do, if they would not obey Him, if even that House and Temple had been finished:

And it shall come to pass that if you build a house unto my name, and do not do the things that I say, I will not perform the oath which I make unto you, neither fulfil the promises which ye expect at my hands, saith the Lord.

For instead of blessings, ye, by your own works, bring cursings, wrath, indignation, and judgments upon your own heads, by your follies, and by all your abominations, which you practice before me, saith the Lord. (D&C 124:47-8, emphasis mine)

This is the thing that I had not before ever considered, and before reading it in the scriptures, the Lord did reveal it to me. I saw the Nauvoo temple, and saw those laboring to build it, and I saw it through His eyes and with His mind and according to His understanding was I made to understand it.  It was nearing completion when I saw it and He said to me, inside of Himself and He did grumble aloud that:

The temple mattered not, the building of the temple would not bring about this restoration or a return of this priesthood, only their obedience. (04/05/2017)

When the Lord said the temple mattered not, it mattered not in the sense you do not think, you see, He was more interested in the people becoming one than they having a temple and He showed me that it was the sacrifice all along that He required of the Saints in the building of a house to Him for the Lord to dwell, that would have qualified them and prepared them, not the temple itself, it was in the process thereof, its purpose in building it was to bring about these changes in them, things they still needed to undergo, namely to become one.

For He said these words to them:

For this ordinance belongeth to my house, and cannot be acceptable to me, only in the days of your poverty, wherein ye are not able to build a house unto me. (D&C 124:30)

And also:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, that when I give a commandment to any of the sons of men to do a work unto my name, and those sons of men go with all their might and with all they have to perform that work, and cease not their diligence, and their enemies come upon them and hinder them from performing that work, behold, it behooveth me to require that work no more at the hands of those sons of men, but to accept of their offerings. (D&C 124:49)

They needed to humble themselves, and not depend on the Prophet, but instead seek the Lord and work out their salvation before Him with fear and trembling, hearkening to His voice, lean unto His understanding and upon Him for nourishment of their spirits. Had they done those things, they could have built it in the time allotted and become a new creature unto the Lord also, and then they would have been worthy of this priesthood and with it the blessings of eternity.

Let me say it again but in a different way. For the Nauvoo temple to be finished on time and also be accepted as a House by the Lord it would have required them to lay aside the contention, and competition, pride, and jealousies, the backbiting, accusations and abominations, and laziness.  And instead of focusing on one another’s faults, focus on becoming one, and had they got lost in the work before them, doing good continually towards one another, and building the temple with one heart, their sacrifices would have been acceptable to the Lord even if they were hindered “from performing that work.” (D&C 124:49) The Lord would have accepted their sacrifice and require it no more at their hands. Now the Lord after teaching this to them commanded them again to go forth and finish the temple because they had not yet done it with all their might and diligence, nor were they obedient and their contentions and their strife’s caused their undoing.

It was for this cause that they were brought together and given such a hard thing to do, so that they would be humbled, so that they could become of one heart and one mind through these sacrifices, because they would not before hearken to the Lord, even though there was already enough in store for Zion to be redeemed. That was His purpose in the building of that temple all along. To bring them together and to give them a chance again to become one with each other and one in the Lord, they did not, they could not and they failed to obtain those things as a church and as a people. As was with Kirtland, also was with Nauvoo, they would not be redeemed and with their dead, they were rejected.

The temple would not have brought forth this power in the priesthood. There was no place on earth to restore that which had been lost because there was none that could receive it, there was no place made holy by them. There are over 150 temples today in the LDS church alone, and people can build many more. It is, after all, just a building made of materials that decay, which weaken and become aged with time. It can be holy ground for the Lord’s ordinances, but so also where you stand can be made holy too. The Lord was seeking to qualify the Saints and to have a people and prove them to receive these greater things. Had they been obedient, that would have enabled Him to fill it with power as He had promised, and restore that which He had taken away from them. Not because of the temple, but because of their sacrifices they would have had to make to Him, in the building of the temple in the time allotted, which sacrifice He did appoint unto them that they should make to Him according to His will.

If they finished the temple and did not become a new people, they were still rejected, if they did not finish it, but became a new people He would have accepted their sacrifices and required it no more. Can you see it and His wisdom in it? He cared more that they become one people of one heart and one mind; so, they could become His people.  They had not kept His commandments and did not do these things diligently. They did not cease from their backbiting and contentions. They could not be redeemed and were good for nothing, as salt, having lost its savor to be trodden down underfoot.

That power, the patriarchal priesthood which comes from the Father in an endowment from Heaven, which He provides to you. Which this endowment consists of you being filled with His light and glory, and are made to partake of it and you are filled with His joy. For you will know of His love and you shall know of His perfections and attributes. For He is pure and is worthy indeed of your worship and fidelity, and to be your God; that’s what this endowment involves, it involves you knowing Him, that He is God and that all things are because of Him, and He reveals this to you while you are in His presence before the hosts of heaven. There are other things too that take place that are meant not to be shared with the world and neither are you given power that you could make them known.

This is the endowment He intends to give you, of which He spoke that would take place in the Nauvoo temple if they repented. Now if some of you, if you yourselves will but hearken to His voice, keep His commandments and seek Him with full purpose of heart, being believing and becoming a new creature in Him you shall receive it, it is this power and priesthood that redeems mankind from the fall.

Now the Aaronic priesthood has a connection with heaven through the ministration of angels, and the endowment thereof teaches you of the Aaronic order but the Aaronic order is also set to teach things of a higher order and through this endowment you are taught the principles of godliness, the law and commandments and covenants you will be expected to make with the Lord should you desire to seek Him of your own free will and choice.

While these things are made ceremoniously in the temple, you will make them to the Lord literally as you keep His commandments and seek His face. As they are performed to you from the Lord, they are not ceremoniously done, but done by the spirit and power of revelation, and from His own voice unto you in His own way. That way deceivers and false spirits cannot learn the sign of the Son of man, for He never repeats His ways in the exact same way and they are new always unto you.

However, to receive this endowment that is after the Aaronic order you must receive it from a legal administrator and where you receive it does not matter, in the days of your poverty, unless you have been commanded to build a house to Him and should He command that they cannot be had elsewhere, but only in His house then they cannot be had elsewhere, then they must be received therefore they do belong in the House of the Lord, but in your poverty, He will accept them elsewhere.

Right now, they can be received on the mountain tops for there is not a house and nor a commandment to build a house for them to be received there. If you have someone who can teach them and is authorized by the Lord having obtained His voice and made acquainted with it, he may teach you and give you your endowment, but if he has not, and has not obtained the voice of the Lord, nor does he have His authority and an errand from the Lord, should one act in this way, he cometh of evil and not of the Lord but of himself, for if he is not acquainted with the Lords’ voice, He knoweth not how to teach them, nor expound them and has not the priesthood and authority to do so and would be performing abominations unto the Lord as many are done today in the Mormon temples and the several offshoots, having changed the ordinances, having no power and cannot teach them, because they understand them not, they are simply parroting with others before them have come to do.

The LDS endowment formerly taught you of the cursing’s too for your disobedience to the laws and commandments of God by penal sign and token, these too were ceremonial, and they were dropped from the ordinances in 1990 without a word, nor by revelation just instruction with a letter from the First Presidency stating this part of the Endowment has been discontinued, so also with the Five Points of Fellowship that took place at the veil. I suppose someone does not want you to come up to His presence and be redeemed from the fall of Adam and Eve, so knowledge has been removed and ordinances changed. These being changed along with the changes in the initiatory tell you just how far the LDS church has departed from the commandments and from the church Joseph attempted to establish, even if the Lord had something else in mind altogether, Joseph by right could establish a church in the way that he did and today the churches are certainly not the Church the Lord first offered to the people. Nor are any of the Mormon sects today a reflection of the Lords church, let alone the many Christian denominations nor the Jews, nor of Islam, so on and so forth.

Now some few have obtained His church and it is found upon the earth again today, and some few have begun to build up the kingdom of God and establish His ways, His righteousness, and His laws once more and these shall never be thrown down and for the last time and they shall be acceptable to the Lord because it is patterned after the order of Heaven, for He is their Priest, He is their Prophet and He is their King, and their association is with Him and also with the Father.

The endowment as it is known by many of you, was set in place to teach you how you must walk a godly walk, and was set forth from before the foundations of this world and it teaches what you must perform to the Lord to be able to walk uprightly before Him, and qualify yourself to be called, and proven, to be chosen and become elected.

I have taught some of these things and revealed that which was given to me from the Lord and He did instruct me concerning the Aaronic endowment and I have shared what He has allowed here and taught it: The Endowment: A Return to His Presence for your benefit. The Lord did it so that evil and conspiring men, among you, will not have power over you if you will but hearken to Lord and hear His voice, that you may know how to approach Him and receive.

These teachings enable you if you will obey His voice to be able to walk back to His presence and to ascend to the Elohim in the eternal worlds and obtain a fullness.

You should have received this endowment of the Aaronic Order by ceremony, where the plan of salvation is revealed and also taught to you in rich symbolism and there you would have learned the truth and nature of men and our potential relationship with God, and the separation that exists due to sin and the nature of man. There is much truth to still be learned concerning these things that have yet to be revealed, things that are not permitted to be taught at this time even though it is the Aaronic endowment, an outward ordinance. These other things that are had in the endowment teach of things of a higher order and cannot be made known at this time.

The temples are there to perform primarily outward ordinances on behalf of the living.  Now understand, the temples are for the living, where all things of a higher order may be taught. It also takes a living soul to perform work for the dead. The dead have no need of the temple themselves, for they are dead, but they may be benefited by it through you.

A place is always prepared in the temple, and is separate from the main parts, wherein men and women may come face to face with Jehovah. Unless the Lord commands it that you build a temple to Him, you may receive it from the tops of the mountains, for the rich cannot receive it but in temples, and with it they must give to the poor as He dictates.  But the poor may receive it without temples and while in poverty the Lord will not require it at their hand, though there are conditions that must be met and He establishes what those are, but if a commandment is given to build a temple, some of these things can only be had in the temple, all things according to the will of the Lord for if He commands it, whatever it is, it is right.

Concerning the work for the dead as someone once asked, Joseph taught that we ought to be careful in how we deal with doing the work of the dead, lest we go too far with it. It has gone too far, the work of every person who has died where possible is done, if a partial name can be generated from some sort of physical record it is done, such things are an abomination. Thus, Joseph warned:

A man may act as proxy for his own relatives; the ordinances of the Gospel which were laid out before the foundations of the world have thus been fulfilled by them, and we may be baptized for those whom we have much friendship for; but it must first be revealed to the man of God, lest we should run too far. (TPJS, p. 367)

Besides the temple, the Lord also revealed that the work of the dead can only be had in those places He has appointed as a place of refuge:

For it is ordained that in Zion, and in her stakes, and in Jerusalem, those places which I have appointed for refuge, shall be the places for your baptisms for your dead. (D&C 124:36)

The Lord also stated that He would no longer accept the work of the dead that was being performed in the rivers, for they should be had in temples, only in your poverty are they acceptable to Him to be performed outside of the temple. (D&C 124:30)

Today, the Mormon based Utah church has many temples, none of which have been accepted by the Lord, and because they do not know what to do with them they have gone amuck and have gone too far in doing the work for the dead, while at the same time neglecting the living soul. What remains today is still of value if you will study it out and learn what these things teach. For the power of godliness is manifest IN the ordinances thereof. (D&C 84:20)

If one should receive the endowment (an Aaronic Endowment after the Order of the Aaronic Priesthood), and also understand it, they will know how to approach the Lord and receive, that they may according to His good will and pleasure receive this other endowment of Power and Glory in their own temples, which temple is their bodies, which other endowments are of the Melchizedek and Patriarchal Order, these endowments being fulfilled by the Lord and also by the Father, which is plainly taught in the lower order of the Aaronic priesthood endowment.  These being the second anointing from the Father and the Son, and the first anointing being the baptism of Fire and of the Holy Ghost. Which the first is taught in the washing and anointing’s and the Second Anointing reserved to a select few who have proven themselves loyal to the brethren and church but those have no power and are ceremonious, the only power they possess is they can be an authoritative invitation to you to come and get it from the Lord, if they changed the ordinances, as they have they practice abominations unto the Lord. They ought to stop and repent.

From the voice of the Lord to me:

Ordinances do not exalt man but teach man, how they may become exalted. (04/29/2017)

If you have not received an endowment, you are not going to be kept from the Lord, you may be hindered by it, compared to those who have received it, they are greatly aided by it, but also with their greater knowledge they have greater difficulty and responsibility in coming up to and being received by the Lord. In any case, in order for you to come up to the Lord and be received by Him you must be pure in heart, that is obtained by being charitable, and if you have or do not have the Aaronic endowment, if you have not charity, you are not His, then it doesn’t matter, the Lord will not acknowledge you anyways.

Christ Himself fulfills the Melchizedek Order of the Endowment and the Son and Father the Patriarchal Order of the Endowment, this takes place in your own bodies, which are a temple for the spirit to dwell, this taking place over a period of time and being administered to by Him, obtaining His voice, and even a portion of which involves you being administered to in person by the Lord and coming into the presence of the Father, being caught up to Heaven.

In temples, a man or woman may come and associate there, with Angels, and also with the Son, and also with God the Eternal Father. It is in a sense neutral ground between the Heavens and Earth, where those of a Higher Order may come down to and administer to those of a lower order and that place is prepared for them to do so according to the will of the Father.  Which temples are symbolic of your own bodies, which bodies are temples for the spirit to dwell, your spirit. The temple that is a building points to your own physical temple, which is your physical body that your spirit now resides in. All outward ordinances must be accompanied by an inward ordinance that is performed by the Spirit of God, this is why the ordinances for the dead and the endowment belong inside the temple, though exceptions can be made, it symbolizes you receiving these things inside of your own self, only in your poverty will the Lord accept these things without a temple built to His name, and it is through and by the power of the Holy Ghost that you do receive these ordinances in your physical selves or in other words your temple.

Why then do we even build temples? Buildings that are temples are there to prepare you to receive these administrations in your own physical bodies, in the temples certain things are revealed to teach you, so you may know how to ascend to the Father. There man or woman may come and have an association with Heaven until such a time as they are prepared to ascend themselves in their own right in their own temples.  Temples are adapted in such a way for the weakest of all the saints, even those of a Telestial order which this earth is that we currently inhabit and such things are adapted to the weak so that they might be made strong.

Now the Lord also had shown to me that He could do to them, the Saints, all these things without a temple, but He could not do it for them because they were wicked, and had they hearkened to the Lord, and stopped their contentions and stopped their strife’s and backbiting and built the temple, and became new creatures, He would have fulfilled His promises to them.

Sunday, May 1, 1842.- I preached in the grove, on the keys of the kingdom, charity, &c. The keys are certain signs and words by which false spirits and personages may be detected from true, which cannot be revealed to the Elders till the Temple is completed. The rich can only get them in the Temple, the poor may get them on the mountain top as did Moses.The rich cannot be saved without charity, giving to feed the poor when and how God requires, as well as building. There are signs in heaven, earth and hell; the Elders must know them all, to be endowed with power, to finish their work and prevent imposition. (Joseph Smith, History of The Church, 7 vols. [1976], 4:608; emphasis added)

On May 4th a few days after the revelation was given regarding the temple, Joseph went ahead without the temple and gave an endowment and instruction to some of the Saints anyways, in the upper office of his store. This endowment was after the Order of the Aaronic Priesthood, an outward ordinance, which teaches of all things Aaronic, but also teaches things of a Higher Order, some of which has survived until this day.

Wednesday, [May] 4, [1842].- I spent the day in the upper part of the store, that is in my private office (so called because in that room I keep my sacred writings, translate ancient records, and receive revelations) and in my general business office, or lodge room (that is where the Masonic fraternity meet occasionally, for want of a better place) in council with General James Adams, of Springfield, Patriarch Hyrum Smith, Bishops Newel K. Whitney and George Miller, and President Brigham Young and Elders Heber C. Kimball and Willard Richards, instructing them in the principles and order of the Priesthood, attending to washings, anointings, endowments and the communication of keys pertaining to the Aaronic Priesthood, and so on to the highest order of the Melchisedek Priesthood, setting forth the order pertaining to the Ancient of Days, and all those plans and principles by which any one is enabled to secure the fullness of those blessings which have been prepared for the Church of the First Born, and come up and abide in the presence of the Eloheim in the eternal worlds. In this council was instituted the ancient order of things for the first time in these last days. And the communications I made to this council were of things spiritual, and to be received only by the I spiritual minded: and there was nothing made known to these men but what will be made known to all the Saints of the last days, so soon as they are prepared to receive, and a proper place is prepared to communicate them, even to the weakest of the Saints; therefore let the Saints be diligent in building the Temple, and all houses which they have been, or shall hereafter be, commanded of God to build; and wait their time with patience in all meekness, faith, perseverance unto the end, knowing assuredly that all these things referred to in this council are always governed by the principle of revelation.  (Joseph Smith, History of The Church, 7 vols. [1976], 5:1-2)

Joseph taught and instructed them in the order and principles of the Priesthood, He taught them about the Keys of the Aaronic all the way up to the Highest Order of the Melchizedek Priesthood and gave to them an endowment, with it, its washing’s and anointing’s. Setting forth the Order, the plans (of salvation) and principles (of exaltation) which will lead anyone to receive a fullness, to ascend to the presence of the ELOHIM, God the Father and the Hosts of Heaven.

A place was being prepared for the Aaronic Order of the Endowment to be received by the Saints, to “communicate them, even to the weakest of the Saints.” Which Aaronic order is prepared for the weakest of all the Saints, who are not yet prepared to receive a fullness, so that they may know How to approach Him, and grow from one small step to the next, that by and by, and from grace to grace, that they may begin to reflect His light and thus become qualified and prepared to enable them to lay hold to these things and secure for themselves and their posterity the blessings of eternity.

Temples are not limited to the Aaronic, but are of the Aaronic Order. You can go and get them on the mountain tops as did Moses, but because the Israelites rejected the fullness they were cursed to wander in the desert for 40 years and God commanded Moses afterward to build a temple, one that could be carried with them on their journeys so that the people could start from a lower order or place, because they were under condemnation for refusing to come into Gods presence, leaving with them the Aaronic and taking from them that Priesthood which brought man to commune with God, which the Aaronic Order administers in all the outward ordinances and teaches things of a higher Order through the administration of these ordinances.

Before the Israelites rejected the fullness and refused to come into Gods presence, even before they had a temple, all that He required of them was to be obedient and receive His law and commandments. Now He did not require them first to go build a temple before being commanded to enter His presence and receive a fullness, it was not until after the fullness was rejected and they refused to enter His presence and were cursed for their disobedience, were they then commanded to go and build a temple. While it is still a blessing for us to have a temple, it is prepared for those who are of a lower order, for the least of these, it can also be a result of a cursing you are given a command to build a temple. As the Lord said to me regarding the Saints during Joseph’s day:

It is both a curse and a blessing that I commanded them to build a temple unto my name. (04/05/2017)

If they did not do the things He commanded them to do, repent and finish the temple and so forth, they would be cursed, if they did finish it and did not become of one heart and one mind, they stood cursed and rejected still.

The early Saints were commanded to build the Nauvoo temple and with it were given warnings of cursing’s if they failed and promises of blessings had they succeeded, this was a covenant He made with them, through Joseph, therefor their association was with Joseph and if they did not do the things that Joseph had told them that they should do they stood to be rejected, and Joseph directed them according to the mind and will of the Lord, but because they too had rejected the fullness, similarly as the Israelites had done, and with it that priesthood became lost to them or was taken away, they had no association with heaven themselves, and because He had taken the fullness of the priesthood He prepared a way for them should they repent, be able to receive it again. A sacrifice was prepared for them, which was the building of the temple, that they should make unto the Lord to prepare them to receive again that which was lost to them, and restore to them His laws, commandments and covenants to bring them from under this condemnation, which had been brought upon them because of their vanity and unbelief. (D&C 84:55)

The fullness was taken because they failed to keep His commandment, live His laws while still at Kirtland, which laws pertain to a Celestial Order. Such things as the United Order, the Law of Consecration and former commandments also and so forth; they refused and would not become a people worthy of redemption. They would not become the Lord’s people. They did harden their hearts against the Lord and sought to kill Joseph. They committed a great offense against God and these things did the Lord give to them freely.

The Fullness revealed

The fullness of the priesthood was revealed in the schoolhouse at Morley Farm. The Saints did not have a temple then either when the few of them who were told to gather for a conference gathered. This was the first time as a group, and they did have visions and did see the Father and Son, and prophecy much. The man of sin revealed and so forth. Not everyone who attended received, but the majority who gathered received the patriarchal priesthood.

While a temple had not been built, and the fullness of the priesthood was given to a group of people, a revelation was already received concerning a temple and a commandment to build it, but the fullness of the priesthood was not conditional on building the temple first. Nor did it require a temple for them to receive it, nor were they on the tops of a mountain. But they were in the wilderness on a farm and they had it. It was simply their obedience to His commandments and some few of them who qualified to receive it received it there for the first time in this dispensation without having a temple, without the Aaronic Order of the Endowment.

The Lord blessed them and gave to them freely the blessings and promises of eternity through their diligence and obedience to His commandments. The Kirtland temple would have served as the Nauvoo temple was to serve and that was to prepare those who were not yet ready for Zion or for a fullness of that priesthood so they could prepare to receive it and be taught all those things pertaining to these priesthoods, or orders of the priesthood rather. To include His laws, principles, and plans of salvation, where they could have an association with Heaven. The temple being an intercessory place to prepare a people not only for Zion, but to come up to the Lord and the Father, and be redeemed from the fall.

Now the Lord had revealed to me that these temples and the purposes of the stake of Zion is that they are prepared for the weakest of all the Saints who are not yet prepared to enter Zion. There in the stakes, they may have safety and refuge and prepare themselves to ascend to the Father, and thus come to Zion. There they will receive His laws pertaining to a higher order and begin to live it, and learn how to walk uprightly before Him and there they may receive administrations from Heaven until they are prepared to ascend to the Father and thus also have power to enter Zion with the pure in heart. For the stakes of Zion are also, not only a place of refuge but also a preparatory place to prepare the weakest of the Saints to live a higher law.

There are no stakes of Zion established today. There is no place of safety for anyone where the power of heaven will come together to be a defense against the wicked and the world, yet, but that will come soon.

For every person, must come up in the same manner and receive their exaltation from Him in the same way (2 Nephi 31). Some will ascend without a temple, and go immediately to Zion and others will need the temple first to learn the ways of godliness before being able to ascend to His presence themselves and they will be able to find that in the stakes of Zion, where there is safety from the world who is also Babylon. Those in Zion with the Angels will come to and administer to those in her stakes. The Lord and Father also may come to the temples in the stakes of Zion where those who are prepared to ascend may ascend to His presence. And it shall be as it is written those of the Celestial will administer to those of the Terrestrial, and those of the Terrestrial will administer to those of a Telestial, and those who are in the stake of Zion will go out into the world and administer to those there.

Now these at Morley farm, they ascended and received a fullness of the priesthood. Without a temple and a lower order of the priesthood first being taught to them through the Aaronic endowment which was instituted at Nauvoo. Now that’s not to say that it would not come, because it would, it is the restoration of all things, it is to say that it had not yet come at this point.

Joseph received the higher order of this priesthood when he first came into contact with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. This enabled him to do the work that he would soon do. It wasn’t until the Morley Farm in June of 1831 that a group of people had received it in the schoolhouse, again there was no temple.  It was 15 months later before the church came under condemnation, which vanity and unbelief have brought the whole church under condemnation this in September of 1832. In 1833 they were chastised for not having built the Kirtland temple, in 1836 it was finished.

Now a temple is needed for the weakest of all the saints, the Lord intends to redeem all of His people, or they may get it on the mountain tops in their poverty.

We know the history of the church, the people rejected the Lord and sought to kill Joseph to which later some of those who were once called saints accomplished. It was as with the prophets of old, it was those among him of his own house where treachery was plotted, like Cain, they made a covenant and oath with the devil to get gain and wealth, and some of his supposed friends are who brought forth this travesty at Nauvoo.

Now at Kirtland, he and others fled and with it the fullness was taken also, the Lord attempted there to do what He did at Morley Farm with even a larger group of Saints, this would have been the second time the Lord would have given the fullness to others, yet they rejected it. He desired to bring this people into His presence but they would not keep His laws, and He began to give them the lesser portion of the law, and commanded them again to build a House, to build a temple unto Him so that they would through their sacrifices in the building of the temple, become one, but they would not be one even then and the Lord as He promised cursed them and He rejected them. The church that stood that day was rejected, and out of this dead tree, many branches came forth which are all corruptible before the Lord, for none of them have brought forth good fruit, they all profess His name, having a form of godliness but denying the powers thereof. All are corruptible, their works, abominations, their priestcrafts and so forth and none are fit to be called His, nor by His name.

The time for the Saints at Nauvoo to repent had passed away when Joseph and Hyrum were taken, He scattered them, and cursed them as He promised He would do if they failed. The times of gentiles is also fulfilled, a time was given for the subsequent generations who would come thereafter from those who were at Nauvoo to repent, those who remained under this curse had unto the fourth and fifth generation to return to the Lord. They could have repented and sought the Lord, but that time has also passed. It too has finally come to end. The Aaronic priesthood and remaining covenant that the Gentiles had died and any vestige of that priesthood passed away with them, the sign that was given was the passing of the last Patriarch to the Church Elder Eldred G. Smith, but not as a result of his passing, it was but a sign. The priesthood, the Aaronic has survived among some of you because of your own faithfulness to the Lord, and obedience to His commandments and in seeking Him, you had been preserved.

Here is an example of the Lord working with His people, and not repeating the same exact patterns, though similar, and though the results could have been the same in receiving the blessings of eternity they were not, and they were both cursed, but differently.

  • Moses and the Jews: They refused to come into His presence and receive His laws, they were given the lesser (portion of the) law, and that portion of the priesthood that brought man to commune with God was taken away, and they were given to build a temple, one that could be carried with them and they were sent on their way and did travel for 40 years in the desert and the Lord sought to prepare them in this way to be redeemed and were brought to the Promise Land. But they failed to be redeemed there.
  • Joseph and the Gentiles: A Small group of the Saints received the fullness of the Priesthood at the Morley Farm. They received the Book of Mormon and covenant and the Saints were instructed in His laws, but they rejected it all at Kirtland, and it was likewise lost to them or taken away that portion of the priesthood which brings man to commune with God, which is the fullness, which is what is needed to establish Zion, but instead of them wandering in the wilderness for 40 years as He did to the Israelites before. He sought that they should again be redeemed and not wait, they were commanded to build yet another temple, and begin to live His laws again, for they needed to remember the New and Everlasting covenant even the Book of Mormon which He had given to them, not only to say but to do according to His word.

The Lord revealed to Joseph in December of 1833 that there was already enough in store to redeem Zion.

There is even now already in store sufficient, yea, even an abundance, to redeem Zion, and establish her waste places, no more to be thrown down, were the churches, who call themselves after my name, willing to hearken to my voice. (D&C 101:75)

You could also say it this way, and substitute churches for people:

There is even now already in store sufficient, yea, even an abundance, to redeem Zion, and establish her waste places, no more to be thrown down, were the people, who call themselves after my name, willing to hearken to my voice. (D&C 101:75)

People or church, or church or people is the same thing, the church is not the leadership, and to say that you know the church is true is to say you know the people are true and that is just foolishness. Christ’s church is Him and the People. To become a member of His church, you must come unto Him, repent and be baptized.  That is His church, anything else is of the devil.

For behold, this is my church; whosoever is baptized shall be baptized unto repentance. And whomsoever ye receive shall believe in my name; and him will I freely forgive.” (Mosiah 26:22)

“Behold, this is my doctrine—whosoever repenteth and cometh unto me, the same is my church.” (D&C 10:67)

“Whosoever declareth more or less than this, the same is not of me, but is against me; therefore he is not of my church.” (D&C 10:68)

At Nauvoo, the Saints began receiving and living the lesser portion of the fullness of His laws and were introduce to the Aaronic order and things pertaining to that order. These things took place over a period of time; it was transitional and not immediate. It was during this time towards the end that Joseph saw that the temple would not be completed, he instructed as many as he could in the ordinances of the priesthood who were prepared to receive it, that if a man and a woman, young or old, would abide by the principles and plans of this order and that it would enable anyone to go on and receive a fullness, he offered himself for a sacrifice for a future generation, that the Lord would give the gentiles yet another chance to become His people and be numbered among the remnant of Jacob and be redeemed. That sacrifice, Josephs own life, was acceptable to the Lord.

Joseph and Hyrum were taken out of their midst and with it that priesthood also, those who remained stood rejected of the Lord, the church also and with it their dead, and out of that did many branches and offshoots formed from a dead tree, having but the Aaronic to guide them as also with the Israelites. Now this time they were cursed unto the 4th and 5th generations, before God would again set His hand to begin again to gather His people.

Many retained those things which pertain to a lower order of things, which are of the Aaronic Priesthood, which administers in all outwards ordinances, which teaches not only the Aaronic, the lesser portion of the law but also things of a higher order, that some, though it be few, might find their way back to God and ascend to the Elohim in the eternal worlds. This lower order, being known also as the preparatory gospel, that is not to say this order is never established, it always is, for it is prepared for the world that mankind may be redeemed. Even the Lord came in and received of this order, for it is the law and the way, but itself is a lesser (portion of the) law, but not a lesser law, as in inferior to pit one against the other, but not a fullness of the law either, or the whole law which brings a man face to face with God.

The next great, grand Patriarch [after Enoch] who held the keys of the Priesthood was Lamech. “And Lamech lived one hundred and eighty-two years and begat a son, and he called his name Noah, saying, this same shall comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands because of the ground which the Lord has cursed.” (See Genesis 5:28-29.) The Priesthood continued from Lamech to Noah: “And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is before me, for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I will destroy them with the earth. (Genesis 6:13.)

Thus we behold the keys of this Priesthood consisted in obtaining the voice of Jehovah that He talked with him [Noah] in a familiar and friendly manner, that He continued to him the keys, the covenants, the power and the glory, with which He blessed Adam at the beginning; and the offering of sacrifice, which also shall be continued at the last time; for all the ordinances and duties that ever have been required by the Priesthood, under the directions and commandments of the Almighty in any of the dispensations, shall all be had in the last dispensation, therefore all things had under the authority of the Priesthood at any former period, shall be had again, bringing to pass the restoration spoken of by the mouth of all the Holy Prophets; then shall the sons of Levi offer an acceptable offering to the Lord. “And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord. (See Malachi 3:3.)

It will be necessary here to make a few observations on the doctrine set forth in the above quotation, and it is generally supposed that sacrifice was entirely done away when the Great Sacrifice [i.e.,] the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus was offered up and that there will be no necessity for the ordinance of sacrifice in future; but those who assert this are certainly not acquainted with the duties, privileges, and authority of the Priesthood, or with the Prophets.

The offering of sacrifice has ever been connected and forms a part of the duties of the Priesthood. It began with the Priesthood and will be continued until after the coming of Christ, from generation to generation. We frequently have mention made of the offering of sacrifice by the servants of the Most High in ancient days, prior to the law of Moses; which ordinances will be continued when the Priesthood is restored with all its authority, power and blessings. (TPJS p. 171-172)

I was given the following dream on June 24, 2014, concerning not only the state of the LDS church but also the state of the those who are the Gentiles that would come and have grown out of the church as was foretold they would, another people. Below as it was written originally:

I was at church and walking with several people (20+/-) of our congregation through the halls. We encountered a young man. Parts of the halls were well lit and others not so much. I thought it odd, that not all the lights were lit.

He was in distress. He could barely move or speak… everyone walked by as if they did not even notice him. He reached out and tried to ask for help, his lips moved but no audible words came from him.

I was at the back of the group and stopped a brother who was just in front of me, he was unaware of this young man like the others, and I said to him “we need to go help him” his eyes were now opened and he saw the young man and rushed to provide him water and give aid. We attended to him the best we could. Mostly it was to relieve his physical sufferings – while he seemed to be approaching death.

This young man was in horrible shape, emaciated his appearance from when I first saw him had quickly deteriorated by the time this brother and I began to attend to him. Shortly after we started rendering him aid he began cannibalizing himself. At this point he was no longer aware of us, nor was he aware that he was consuming his own flesh. He ate his right arm from his shoulder down, tearing the arm from his shoulder and socket, consuming all of it. It was horrific and the expression of his face was of delight.

We saw there was nothing more we could do for him and left to catch up with the rest of the group who had continued walking down the hall without us. At first, I couldn’t find them; I saw that the lights were on as before. But a heavy darkness had filled the hallways, cultural hall, even the chapel all of it appeared to be consumed with this heavy darkness. I looked around in amazement and wondered how this was possible. The brother I was with was also no longer with me. I saw what appeared to be people, gathering into the chapel unawares to what was happening all around us, the darkness being so thick. I couldn’t recognize anyone specifically, only their physical shapes or outlines of their bodies.

I returned back to where the young man was, but he was gone. I felt to escape the darkness that was spreading and quickly left.

I was given to understand the interpretation thereof, the Lord revealed its meaning to me:

Being at church with members of my current ward and congregation, He was showing forth things that are present day and not distant future or past. The group I was with, walking through the halls of the church represented those I am with who are on a similar spiritual journey as I am. A member of the bishopric, the bishop specifically led the group showing forth the order of the priesthood that was upon on the earth and the legal administrator of the gospel of repentance, who by right may administer His laws, and commandments to the people. Who by right may also obtain an inheritance for the people and arrange it by lot.

The young man represented all those who call themselves His church, or in other words who are His people, who have a covenant with the Lord, and that they are still young and have not matured in the gospel. The young man lay sideways in the chair showing forth the weakness of them who call themselves after His name and they not being upright, which would have shown forth their strength and steadiness in keeping His commandments, instead they were weak and unable to set themselves aright. He was partially dressed, wearing overalls, no shirt and his arms and parts of his chest bare, he wore a hat also, these things showing forth he was only partially clothed, and not fully clothed, in other words having no coat or wedding garment, having no covering and could see their nakedness.

The halls of the church some of it was lit and other parts not so much, it was mostly darkness and disorder, and the spiritual path and journey most were on, the light showing forth messengers who have been sent, bringing forth light to those who wander in darkness if they would receive it, and it was specifically given to those who were following after the bishop, which following the bishop represented those who were following or trusting in the arm of flesh, and he himself was not capable of leading them to any more light. The bishop continued on despite his following, some flanked him on his right and on his left and others trailing closely behind, he walked hastily, steadfastly on the course he was on as if he almost was unaware of their presence and unaware that he was leading them and he led these others with him down the hall further into darkness.

I was at the back or rear of the group and able to move freely to the front and to the rear as I desired, and was able to discern both the darkness and the light, and was not bound to the same laws that they had seemed to be bound by, their course had been set for them because of their actions with the young man or lack thereof and they could not turn from it, nor did they desire to turn from it, they seemed very determined to remain on the path despite the path growing darker and did not notice me or if they did, it did not affect them in any way that I could tell. They were so focused on following the bishop to notice anyone else but him, and certainly, they did not receive the light that was being offered nor did they stop to help the needy and poor man suffering.

This young man who was in distress, he could barely move or speak showing forth the spiritually of those not being fed, who are malnourished and lacking spiritual direction or revelation, they too are in distress. He barely being able to move or speak showed forth that they neither had power nor knowledge unto deliverance from their sins, and were blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, not asking, nor seeking and would not knock.

Everyone in the group besides myself walked by as if they did not even notice him, he was sitting in the foyer in one of those floral chairs. Where he sat, it was well lit or there was much light still, but where the hall began which was the journey it began to be darkened, when the group walked by him and did not notice him this showing forth their spiritual blindness, they could not perceive the light, though it showed all around them, nor could they perceive the darkness when they entered the hallway and began their journeys to the Lord, all was well with them despite all that was taking place, ignoring those in need, it was too important they keep on the path for fear they would be left behind from rest of the group. They had no time to stop and help the needy and poor that was among them.

He reached out and tried to ask them for help as they passed by, his lips moved but no audible words came from him, in other words, he sought relief and he was denied. The man’s lips moved but no sound came forth, no audible words and the Lord showed to me that there was no power in their asking, and because there was no sound, the Lord would not hear them either, even in their pleadings, because they did ask in vain for relief though were sinful, and because they did not give to him who asketh, He likewise will not give to those who ask of Him, for they walked by unawares, spiritually blind and did not help those in their sufferings.

Now I stopped a brother who was just in front of me, who was unaware himself and spiritually blinded, and did not see this young man who was suffering, he being like the others in the group. This was showing forth the work that is being had among those who were seeking the Lord and on this same path, and they for a time received light from those who the Lord sent to declare His words and when they receive this light some of them could perceive the light and did begin to do the work too, they were spiritually awake. In this dream, we rushed to provide the young man with water, and he did drink showing forth a short time given for baptisms, or rather to enter in at the way and begin the path to the Lord.

We attended to him the best we could, just the two of us, which was symbolic of being few in numbers, while the rest of the group I was with despite my efforts could not be reached, only one heard me when I sought that he should help me with the work, and when he heard his eyes were opened, those who came with us seeking the Lord in the beginning in the first place departed from the Lord and heard not the things his messengers were sent to deliver, our energies and work could not produce the results we desired, it required more than just us to help him, it was revealed that only the Spirit of the Lord could do what we desired to accomplish and that despite our best efforts, only He was capable of helping those in this state, but the Lord would not do it.

Now this young man, remember he was shown to me to represent the church, the Lords people, but also a covenant, now our worked turned to be mostly to give comfort to him as he was approaching death, and our efforts produced little or no results anyways though it did give relief and fulfill the law and requirement. Showing forth, that He would send forth His messengers, and that that those who received them and those who joined in on the work though they were few, they could not accomplish the work they sought to do, only the Lord could perform it, but that it was needed to fulfill the law and the words of the Lord, that in that day that he could perform His strange act, and His strange work, ours was but fulfill the law so all the words of the Lord could be fulfilled.

This young man was in horrible shape, emaciated even, his appearance from when I first saw him tell now, had quickly deteriorated, it was not long from when I saw him to trying to get others to help, crying repentance and stopping this brother who heard me, that he likewise came and labored too, it was like it was over before it began, it was set to fail. There was very short time and the window that was given and the light of Christ offered was already beginning to be withdrawn.

Shortly after we gave to him the water to drink we started rendering him aid, which is to mean the saints or the church being given sustenance, light and truth, being taught correct principles and the order of heaven, he at the same time as soon as he began receiving these things, he also began cannibalizing himself, or in other words those who received this light began to sin immediately and departed from the Lord, the Lord showing forth through the man cannibalizing Himself was the sign of the beginning of their spiritual destruction.  At this point he was no longer aware of us, what light the man could perceive through our administrations could no longer be received, it was rejected, he was also not aware that he was consuming his own flesh, for he was lost in gross sin, and this became the mind of the people they became darkened in their minds and was spiritually dead,  He ate his right arm completely from off his shoulder down to his hand, tearing the arm from his shoulder and socket, consuming all of it and the Lord showing forth that those who did likewise, departing from the Lord have cut themselves off from Him, have lost the covenant that they possessed, it being held only for a very short time, and with it any priesthood and promises they had He had taken away.

It was a horrific act to behold and to watch him cannibalize himself, and the expression of his face was of delight and the Lord showing me those likewise delighted and took pleasure in their own wickedness supposing they are righteous and following the Lord, but instead were following the arm of flesh as the Lord had designed that they would. The covenant was lost by the signifying of the eating his own right arm, or in other words for the neglect of the poor and needy.

Those who continued down the hall could not later be found and became lost to the Lord and a thick darkness covered everything, they not being recognizable to me anymore, meaning they are not His sheep.

The man was gone and no sign of him showing forth their spiritual destruction was complete. There was nothing left to be redeemed, they had cut themselves off from the Lord completely.

All “Old things are done away, and all things have become new.” (3 Nephi 12:47)

The Lord has started something new, some of which has taken place among some of you. There are some among all of you and these few love the Lord, they are who are pure in heart and are His sheep for they keep His commandments, there are also other sheep, some of which are also gentiles you do not know, and some who are of the House of Israel, who likewise love the Lord, they know the Lord’s voice and are acquainted with Him.

Now some of you suppose that the Lord would take new wine and put it into old wineskins, or take a new cloth and put it on an old garment or suppose that the blessings and promises of old apply to you today such as building a House unto the Lord that you might receive the blessings and promises that He gave to another, who broke their covenant and were rejected by Him,  you suppose that you can take of this old garment and put it upon you as it were new and that the Lord will accept of you these things without an appointment from Him.

Some of you suppose that you can make an errand for yourself without the Lord appointing it unto you, why is it that some are beginning to save money to build up a temple, when there are poor and hungry everywhere, the Lord desires not a temple at the cost of  allowing those around you to perish for want of thirst and nourishment, He can do all these things you desire without a temple, why tempt the Lord your God to receive a covenant at His hand that He has not appointed it unto you that you should make to Him in the first place, why provoke Him to anger. Why will you be led of them who He has not appointed, yay, even those who are daughters of Zion who call upon you to build a temple when all your efforts should have been to bring relief to the poor and needy, administering to them and walking in the footsteps of the Lord instead of some other strange path.

There many of you backbiting, ceasing not from your contentions, causing strife, railing accusations, fault finding, pitting one against the other, neglecting the poor, prideful, envy, and teaching false doctrine, committing blasphemy and are guilty of idolatry and other gross sin and you suppose some of you can obtain a covenant from God, that you can gather together and ask of Him when you keep not His commandments and have not charity. Are these the marks of the fruits of His spirit or some other spirit?!

Why set up a man who is one of His messenger to do things he does not desire, who has claimed no authority, only the right to do so, but would not and said that he will not be a ruler of this people, for he knows and desires that God should be our ruler and judge, our lawgiver, yet you make of him a prophet and give him authority over you despite his many attempts to teach by example, why is it that he went to the Lord in his disgust to petition Him that priesthood also be given to women, did he do it because many of you forced him with your pleadings that the Lord should do it, and He commanded him that He should ask, and the Lord did it because you desired that that man who he sent to call you to repentance would begin to lead you away from the Lord, to see if you would be true and faithful to the Lord or would you follow after the man he sent. You suppose the Lord would not have his messenger test you, to see if you would remain faithful in all things to the Lord, yet you have desired a prophet and someone to speak to you for the Lord, you have desired many things that you ought to not have and because of these things the Lord is giving you what you want, because He is a just God and He has done it so you will stumble.

He will give you a covenant and command you to build a temple through his servant, and He will appoint him to be your prophet if even he desires not to lead you, because you have set him up in your hearts to be your prophet and have desired these things and that you also have desired that he should lead you and that you should have a temple as you suppose you cannot receive the fullness of the priesthood without it, you will have to do it to get it, and become one in all things, and He will command you to build a temple and to be one and to have all His laws, and all things in common, and because you desired it, He hath done all these things before you are even able to bear them and all this so that you will stumble, and though you have been warned by many, you would not hear it, and though I have come and warned you as He would have me do, He shall be justified to deal justice upon you swiftly for you disobedience, for your contentions and backbiting and so on, and for not keeping His sayings as you knew in your hearts that you should do, but because of vanity and pride, unbelief, jealousies and railing accusations to those who have come crying, seek the Lord, seek the Lord and unless you repent the seeds you have sown, the seeds of your own destruction shall take root.

As I saw in my dream that the young man who perished away due to neglect of those who had power to come and administer to him, because you charged forward with no thought of the poor young man sitting in the light, waiting for relief, who he holding the keys to both the power and a covenant to give as many who would come who would keep the Lords commandments to feed the poor and attend to the needy and labor to bring relief, instead you desired to run forward, following after the man who is a legal administrator like unto a bishop to teach and give you a covenant that you might have a promise from the Lord for yourselves, you were consumed with your own journey and salvation that you had not time to consider the afflicted, who Lord sent to test and prove you, having acted in haste to establish that which He has caused to be done away with, which thing has passed away. Even though He has offered you something new, you having fulfilled Jesus’s sayings, that you prefer the old wine, that the old wine is better.

You are wrong to believe that the building of the temple then during Joseph’s day would have resulted in the promised blessings, you are likewise wrong to believe that building a temple for that purpose today will result in you obtaining that which was never promised to you, as it was to them of old. The conditions for the Saints then to get that which was taken away was not in the building of the temple itself per se but in the process. They needed to be one, which you are not.

God is not bound to a temple when you do what He says, but if you will not obey, and be redeemed and come into His presence and receive He will do it, because you will not yet obey Him, so as with a child who is spoiled you must be made to be humble, rebuked and chastised. Because you desired that He should not lead you, but a prophet you have sought so shall you have.

The priesthood can only be maintained upon the principles of righteousness; it can only be received in the same way. If you neglect the poor and needy, you have not charity, and if you have no charity you cannot become pure in heart, and if you have not charity and are not found with these things, you are not His and you cannot obtain that which you desire.

God will have a temple, I have seen it, it will be on land where only He is the administrator of it, it will be built by the power and spirit of God in the people, and not with Babylonian currency, nor will His temple be subject to man’s laws, taxes, building permits and so forth, for it will be built after a time when such things are taken away, after the Lord has dealt a major blow to the wicked, and according to His desire and it will not be a place that has two masters, but He will be the ruler of that house alone, and in that day then He shall cause a temple to be built which purposes is to bring forth even the weakest of the Saints who desire a blessing at His hand to come and receive it, and receive it they will for His Glory shall be there and rest upon it and the pure in heart and those who have charity one towards the other will be spared and they shall gather there and the Angels shall bring them and it shall be for them a place of refuge.

With Noah, the Lord started new, with Moses He started new, when Christ came He started new, when Joseph came He started new, but you folks want the old wine, the old garment, and the things that are not new, though the Lord is doing something new. Now they obtained for themselves the blessings and promises as they were given of old, they were new to them, new and everlasting, this is the Lord’s pattern. You do not come under covenant of the things that are old, but of that which He has made new unto you.

When one thing fails because of the wickedness of the people, the Lord seeks to establish things in another way, and all things have become new unto Him. While He has patterns, He does not do things in the exact same way as before, otherwise, the wicked and conspiring could learn them and see to hedge up and frustrate the things of God, but He will show them all that He is wiser than the cunningness of the devil. He is performing His strange work, yay, even His strange act. Now the Lord did not try in His mortal ministry to establish again the laws of Moses among the people, He gave them something new, even though it is what He has taught before, for His laws are eternal and He is the same today, yesterday and forever, what He says to one He says to all and in all cases, He seeks to establish His ways among the children of men. He said I have caused all the old things to be done away with, they have passed away, meaning those covenants and promises given to them of old have passed with them and now:

I make to you a new covenant, yay, an everlasting covenant and it shall be to you a New and Everlasting Covenant forever, for those who shall abide in me shall find rest.  (04/30/17)

Two covenants

An old garment. Those who are not able to ascend and not yet ready may obtain a covenant in the months ahead because many of you desired it the Lord hath done it, and your association will be with that man who issues forth the covenant and He will obtain the mind and will of the Lord for you. He will be unto you like a Moses. While he will refuse to lead you, He is obligated to obey the Lord and because He will, He will be bound to take this covenant with you and he will be the mediator between Christ and you, and he will not be a judge to you, nor bishop, nor a ruler, nor will he heal you or the divide that is among you, but he will in patience continue to teach by persuasion and long-suffering, with mildness and meekness despite the many disputations that continue to be among you, he will be powerless to bring you relief in the way that you have hoped.

The thing the Lord has prepared for you will be sore to bear, it will be difficult, but not impossible, it will require you to make great sacrifices together, to become one, those who do shall find joy in the Lord and having thus been approved of by the Lord shall receive. The many of you who will come, will fail as the Saints of old, and you will heap upon yourselves further condemnation, and displeasure from the Lord, for He will not be mocked and because many of you who have asked in vain, He will do all these things that you will stumble, for the righteous will endure it faithfully and those of you who will reject the Lord, because it is a hard thing to do, you will become lost to Him and unable to be redeem, not because He is powerless but because you will depart from Him and cut yourselves off.

Only those who are pure in heart will be able to rise, they will have charity, they will keep His commandments and they will make the sacrifices required of them, and they shall be proven by the Lord and they shall be one and worthy to receive that which they desire from Him. But if you do not the things He shall say to you to do, you shall have no reward, and by your works shall you reap sore cursings instead of blessings.

A new garment. Now to those of you who are seeking the Lord, that He should be your Prophet, Priest and King and not that his servant should lead you, but that the Lord should come and be among you, to be led by Him, for that has been His desire for His people, that He would be their God, a prophet to them, a priest to them, and He shall be their king and all of you shall partake of the fruit of your labors and He will bless and consecrate your efforts for the performance of your soul and He will heal the divide and stand in your midst for He has said it.

In all your doings, see that you walk faithfully, and upright, and keep His commandments, and have no disputations among you, nor dispute with those who shall take this other path and you shall show forth love for them, and stand ready to administer to them as the Lord directs.

The invitation to come unto the Lord is to all, in order to enter into and receive a covenant from the Lord you must enter in at the gate, which is repentance and baptism by water and also the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost, then you are set upon the straight and narrow path, then you must continue on, hearkening to the spirit of the Lord and keeping His commandments, and after you have been thoroughly proven by the Lord He shall manifest Himself to you in the flesh and He will give you further direction, commandments, promises and blessings and after all this you shall stand approved of by our Lord and Savior and He shall testify unto the Father that you are His and that you are clean from the blood and sins of this generation and you shall ascend and be caught up to Heaven into the presence of the Father before the host of heaven and filled with the Fathers Glory.

People are free to do as they believe and worship as they may. I make no attempt beyond raising a voice of warning; teaching correct principles, expound upon the scriptures and declare His words and reveal His mind on these matters as He has given them to me to do. It is not my desire to hinder those or to stop others from pursuing that which will give them the most joy. I believe this covenant that is being offered is by the Lord, but not the covenant He desires that you should receive. He desires that He would be your Prophet, Priest, and King and that you would come unto Him. Instead you will receive a covenant and be bound by things which covenant also brings you under a cursing and should you not perform them judgment will befall you, or you can now begin to live His law and have His law written upon your hearts and by it, be given power, and grow up from grace to grace being taught in all the ways of the Lord. Either way, the Lord will have a people who will hearken to His voice, and His sheep know His voice, and He is calling to them they are seeking Him.

According to the things I know that are according to the spirit of revelation that is in me. We each must stand for ourselves and obtain the mind of God for ourselves. If we are relying on the words of a messenger sent to teach and preach, too much, it must be that your minds become darkened, because you have rejected the light that is being offered and relying on the messenger and not the Lord as you ought, you ought to struggle to find out the mind of God for yourselves and if you won’t do it, and insist instead to rely on His messengers and be led by them, by and by the light is withdrawn and you are given what you want, even that which will cause you to stumble and He will do it because you desired it, and because you desired it, you must necessarily stumble so that you will fall.

Can you not see the things that He is doing and by these things that all may come under judgment, have I failed to reveal it to you and convey the importance of the matter and decisions before you, or will my words fall on deaf ears and you by your actions justify God who knowing your doing that many of you seek Him in vain, teach others not to keep the commandments and do not keep the commandments yourselves, that you would seek spiritual destruction over that which He offers freely. Why do you want to place conditions on yourself like those of old and not freely accept that which He offers? He will give you the things you seek, whether unto blessings or cursing’s and if you seek those things that you ought not, He will give you cursing’s instead so that you are cut off from Him. Don’t limit what God can do by setting up stakes and boundaries, for cursing’s shall be upon your heads instead of blessings and a scab upon your heads where a crown should have been instead.

He has prepared something new and seeks that all should come unto Him. But those of you who have refused to come unto Christ, and seek that this man should lead you instead, that these things are before you this day:

When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, and shall say: Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler, and let not this ruin come under thy hand—

In that day shall he swear, saying: I will not be a healer; for in my house there is neither bread nor clothing; make me not a ruler of the people.

For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen, because their tongues and their doings have been against the Lord, to provoke the eyes of his glory.

The show of their countenance doth witness against them, and doth declare their sin to be even as Sodom, and they cannot hide it. Wo unto their souls, for they have rewarded evil unto themselves!

Say unto the righteous that it is well with them; for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

Wo unto the wicked, for they shall perish; for the reward of their hands shall be upon them! And my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they who lead thee cause thee to err and destroy the way of thy paths.

The Lord standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people. Lord will enter into judgment with the ancients of his people and the princes thereof; for ye have eaten up the vineyard and the spoil of the poor in your houses.

What mean ye? Ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor, saith the Lord God of Hosts. Moreover, the Lord saith: Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched-forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet—

Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will discover their secret parts.

In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments, and cauls, and round tires like the moon; the chains and the bracelets, and the mufflers; the bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the ear-rings; the rings, and nose jewels; the changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping-pins; the glasses, and the fine linen, and hoods, and the veils.

And it shall come to pass, instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle, a rent; and instead of well set hair, baldness; and instead of a stomacher, a girding of sackcloth; burning instead of beauty.

Thy men shall fall by the sword and thy mighty in the war. And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she shall be desolate, and shall sit upon the ground.

And in that day, seven women shall take hold of one man, saying: We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach. In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious; the fruit of the earth excellent and comely to them that are escaped of Israel.

And it shall come to pass, they that are left in Zion and remain in Jerusalem shall be called holy, every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem— When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning. And the Lord will create upon every dwelling-place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for upon all the glory of Zion shall be a defence. And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and a covert from storm and from rain.

(2 Nephi 13:6-26, and 14:1-6)

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