What will you do to know God?

Will you…

  • Will you give away ALL your sins to know God?
  • Will you give your every possible moment to Him in thought, contemplation, searching your heart and soul in deep, ponderous thoughts, and feeling after Him always?
  • Will you sacrifice ALL things to know Him?
  • Will you obey His voice at all times, in all places and before all hazards?
  • Do you believe the scriptures when they say Christ is the way?


  • What won’t you do?
  • What won’t you give up?
  • What do you hold onto that you love most?
  • What do you love more than God?

Is it…

  • Fear of mankind?
  • Is it pride?
  • Are you full of lust and envy?
  • Do you love that which spoils in the ground, or that which rusts, and becomes old?

The way…

  • Christ
  • Keep His commandments
  • Obey His voice
  • Have NO OTHER GODS before Him.
  • Repent
  • Love others
  • Pray continually
  • Experiment upon His words
  • Walk in His footsteps
  • Do His works
  • If you find something, give it to the owner
  • If you have something, give it to the poor
  • Let all these things be done in Holiness before Him, not to seek the praise of others, but to glorify Him who is righteousness

You cannot come to know God if you will not surrender to Him, this is demonstrated by sign: with both hands raised above your head in submission, and uttering to the effect in prayer something akin to this: Hear the words I am about to speak, it is a cry, a plea, the sign teaches you how to approach Him, how your HEART must be, you must utterly prostrate yourself (figuratively) as lowly as the dust of the temple floor and as the ashes of the red heifer which was made unto Him as an offering, hence I am but dust and ashes, recognizing you are nothing before God, and without God, that ALL things are because of God and surrendering to Him, offering before Him an acceptable sacrifice: a broken heart and contrite spirit. In other words, as with upraised hands, suggest surrender, we too must surrender to God.

You cannot know God if you worship other gods, do the works of Him who came to do the works of His Father, that you may be His Sons and Daughters, that where He is, you might be also, that He may come to you, and you be recognized by Him because you are familiar, because you pattern yourself after the Lord, so that when He sees you, He sees himself in you. That you are one with Him.

He lives, the one who was wounded in His side for us, it is a great offense to God to injure your own soul by denying Him or to lift up some other god, to follow after a man, and or worship false spirits, beings, or other voices. Repent, so that His anger which is kindled against you may be turned away; seek Him that He may make a covering for you, that your sins may be as white as snow.

He is worthy of our worship, and He is worthy of our fidelity. He lives. I have heard His voice, I have heard the Father and the Son both speak to me in one voice, I have seen them both, and I know them, and they me. I am weak, and my example is poor, so I turn you to them that you may find them and have hope in them, that you may stay yourself a little longer and not follow after some other voice, that you may be counted as His. Those who turn away from God, and seek some other god, or deny God altogether, will taste of His wrath and indignation.

Misery awaits those who will not wait upon the Lord.

Repent, repent, repent for He is God, He lives, and I bear my witness of Him again. I have heard His voice, I have spoken to Him and conversed with Him, I have stood in His presence, do not envy me, nor praise me, but give praise to God that He would talk to me, and if me, He would also talk to you, if you would but listen and obey. Christ is the ONLY way.

What more can be said, than repent every one of you, keep His sayings and DO THEM. This is the time, and the hour draws near, and after a time has passed, at that moment should He come to you and you are not prepared your temple will be destroyed, but see that you are prepared, see that you may elect yourself to be called, that by keeping His sayings and doing His works, you find yourself with a blessing and promise, though others may come against you, speak falsely of you, hurt you, that you will at least find favor with God, that you may be His always, through time and throughout all eternity.

Stop making excuses, you know who you are, stop saying you are not good enough because you are. It takes real work and real effort. DO IT! Resolve within yourself to be better. Don’t deny Him. Do not deny God. Be faithful to Him, and it will be well with you.

Ask yourself, “what will I do to know God,” what will you do?

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