On June 4, 2016, I went to the Lord in prayer and received the following in reply to my inquiry.

“Those who seek for priesthood and power will have neither, but those who seek to do my will, the will of the Lord, shall have both priesthood and power to do that which I have asked of you.”

Those who seek for priesthood and power will have neither, but those who seek to do the will of the Lord will have priesthood and power to do that which He has asked of you. Do you understand what this is?

The Lord in His wisdom answered my question in this way, His answer covers everything that I had thought and also felt, things that I have pondered and was also distressed over, though that was not the answer I was looking for from Him, or hoping to receive. Yet in His wisdom He answered my inquiry in this way, and as I have pondered it, it has grown on me and my understanding as to what He was saying, getting at, hinting at, was and is an invitation to those who will hear it, receive it, act upon it with patience, and persistence – to those who will remain faithful to the Lord above all else, setting aside your supposed knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for His, and letting Him teach you, will find Him. (Jacob 4:8)

Many have it in their mind what something means, they have it locked up so tight in them they are not willing to believe anything else, and no additional light can be received, some are always looking beyond the mark, seeking for things they cannot understand. As an example, you see this not only in the discussions about priesthood, sealing power, keys, and authority, but in the hot and often debated, contested, and sometimes practiced or at least a belief in of having more than one wife, whether there is or is not a biblical precedence to it or whether it is condoned or condemned by the Lord – neither of which know what they are doing, those living it, and those who condemn it. Yet they do it, because of their own understanding.  Alas, another hot-button issue, is the character and nature of God, the godhood or godhead, the  Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost etc… but the list goes on.

I am finding more and more people rejecting the revelations of God and or despise them, ( or people are just being more open about it I suppose) because they do not understand them, and instead of seeking for His understanding, because they are not waiting to get answers from Him, they instead define the revelations according to their understanding, give it their meaning and seek that everyone else must adopt their beliefs. Naturally, they draw out of the crowd those to whom have also arrived at the same or similar beliefs that they have and they almost always begin to condemn everyone else around them who doesn’t or hasn’t arrived at their beliefs or who arrived elsewhere altogether. In some fashion or another, however mild, or poignant, they are condemning others – this is a sign of the fruit of their beliefs. Fruit that finds fault with others, is accusing, even contentious is NOT the fruits of the spirit of the Lord.

These are those who haven’t stood in the presence of God the Father or the Son, or who at least haven’t communed with Him from behind the veil, or even with Angels, and so forth, and some of these are being deceived by lying and unclean spirits, and following after strange teachings and doctrines, and causing others to do likewise. Yet Joseph Smith has, yet, though, in his misgivings and imperfections, many still reject him, or persecute him, though they say, they believe some of the revelations he received from God, they reject others, why, because it clashes with their own beliefs. They say in their hearts, I will believe up to this much, but nothing further or will not believe anything beyond or past a certain calendar date the revelations he received, or they say I know this is true, God told me and revealed it, and they wrongly believe that there is nothing more to it, when they ought to ask, Lord, is there more?  Instead, they ought to say, Lord I believe, help my unbelief, or I believe this much and wish to believe more, but Lord helped me so I can believe more, help me to believe all that which though wouldest give to me that I should believe.

What does it profit us to receive a gift if you will not receive it, or if you will not have joy in the giver of the gift, then you are given that which you will receive from Him even if it condemns you, and because you desired it, he hath done it unto you so that you would stumble.

“But behold, the Jews were a stiffnecked people; and they despised the words of plainness, and killed the prophets, and sought for things that they could not understand. Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark, they must needs fall; for God hath taken away his plainness from them, and delivered unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it. And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble.” (Jacob 4:14)

People still don’t understand this scripture, it’s pretty telling about Gods nature. God will not teach you truths if you tell Him what you are willing to believe, accept and receive. He will give you what you want, He is a just being, And He does it because YOU desired it of Him, many will need to stumble so they can hopefully repent and until they learn to be open to God and stop telling God how it has to be and allow God to write His laws upon your heart and be willing to accept all things He wishes to put upon you, and give to you, you will not receive the blessings at His hand that He wishes to put upon you and instead you are given things you cannot understand, you are not brought into His presence, and instead delivered over to confusion and buffetings.  What light and knowledge you did have – even that is taken away, until you are left with nothing – all this unless you repent.

What was my inquiry and petition to the Lord, that I received this answer? First, some background, I had been watching several discussions online in various places taking place, specifically about priesthood, what priesthood was upon the earth, who had what priesthood, feeling anxious and distressed with all of the discussions taking place, primarily because the discussion was not edifying but circular, they did not expound the doctrine, nor did these discussions lead one closer to Christ, the discussion in themselves became very confusing, how anyone could make sense of it all, was beyond me, and my own understanding is weak and fallible so I turned to the Lord. I desired that I might be able to help give understanding.

As an aside watching these discussion is almost like watching the Supreme Court argue over tenants of a law as to whether or not, it was or was not Constitutional, interesting, but didn’t get anywhere, and like their many rulings, in the end, they are still divided and the majority vote wins, until at some later date that opinion is contested with new or better knowledge or someone who can present at least a much better argument that had previously been done. Yet you are still wanting, wondering, and left to find out the answers for yourselves – as it ought to be. Only God has the power to satisfy our hunger, thirst for knowledge and answers to our questions.

Do not settle your opportunity and chance to learn from Him by accepting mine or someone else’s ideas, knowledge etc… and instead go to the Lord, take with you a blank canvas and let Him teach you all about Him. There are many learned in the gospel, who can cite scriptures from memory better than I. Who can present better arguments than I, because they are so learned, who always seem to have an answer, yet they do not understand the scriptures, because they seek to apply their understanding and their interpretation of them, rather than His understanding of them. Being that the scriptures are His words and not ours, we ought to know what He intended them to mean and not how we think they should mean. Let Him teach you, rather than telling Him this is what it means and that you will not accept anything else other than your view of His written words. In other words, open your heart to God.

My question 
I asked the Lord what priesthood was on the earth, I asked specifically if certain people had any priesthood, what was that priesthood, yes, I included myself in that inquiry, and His words to me are these.

“Those who seek for priesthood and power will have neither, but those who seek to do my will, the will of the Lord, shall have both priesthood and power to do that which I have asked of you”

His answer both confounds and invites. Those who seek for priesthood and power will have neither, and it will be turned against them. However, those who will follow Christ, and seek to do His will in all things, will find that they are given the tools, knowledge, priesthood, and power to do that which He has asked – and it is from grace to grace until you have accomplished all that which He has asked of you.

Perhaps the fastest and most direct route to the Lord, is patience, waiting upon Him is a requirement, this is a commandment, this is HIS WORK, and HE is the way that leads to eternal life.

I leave the words of the prophets for you to further consider.

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

[That] In your patience possess ye your souls.(Luke 21:19)

For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. (Hebrew 10:36)

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. (Psalms 27:14)

And it came to pass that Jesus grew up with his brethren, and waxed strong, and waited upon the Lord for the time of his ministry to come. (JST Matthew 3:24)

Seek to do His will, He will give you the ability to do the things He has asked of you, be patient and persistent.

Wait upon the Lord, if you cannot do it, you have not faith in Him.

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