I am The Way, The Truth and The Life

Christ needs to be our focus and our ideal; we need to know Him better than we do. We need to be humble and realize Gods ways are not ours and as we remain a stranger to God, His ways will always be confusing and even at times contrary to our moral compasses and appear odd to us. Yet as we seek God, we begin to see as He sees and we begin to see the wisdom in His ways that we beforehand could not comprehend.  We ought to receive the light He has offered to us, let His light take root in you and let it grow. Though most, out of fear, instead of embracing truth find reason to fight against it, when we fight against His will for us, for our own will and what we are willing to understand, accept and do, when we do this it places us at odds with God and if we continue down this path it places us at opposition to God and opposing Gods will, and then finally we find ourselves rejecting and fighting against God.  Not the side of eternity I or you should want to be on.

May we be humble, and see the weaknesses in ourselves before we see others’. May we find peace and solace amidst those that oppose or reject God and His ways, while acknowledging we ourselves are in need of repentance and not become bitter ourselves.

Throw down the idols of your heart, whether it is sports, or patriotism (yes this has become a stumbling block for many), or an institution that may call itself after His name. Whatever is your idol throw it down, turn to God. He must be first, He is worthy of our devotion. We ought to stand against those who oppress in any form that they may appear. Not because of a flag, or an ideal, or because we know more, but with a contrite and broken heart because we love God more, we fear God more. His ways are Holy and His ways are worth preserving in our families and in our lives.

His spirit has gone forth upon the whole earth for the last time, gathering to Him all those that will hear Him. The gathering has been primarily spiritual, and can only assume that a later time a more literal gathering on a larger scale will take place. Hearts still need to be prepared, people need to trust in the Lord and lean on Him. The righteous in turn need to shine brighter in the darkness, than they have as the wicked become even more wicked, without becoming wicked ourselves. Seeing that we do not oppress others, or shame them for believing differently, but that through patience, charity, long-suffering, love and by example we show others how to come unto Christ.

He is mighty to save and will gather His children.  The kingdom of the devil must be shaken up first; the harlot needs to be broken so her bands and chains can be loosened. I believe He will throw down the borders of the nations, their kings and governments – all those that oppose Him will not be able to stand. He does this so that His children will be free to gather to any land and place, where soever He shall call them to gather and He will be in their midst, He will be their King. His sheep are everywhere, He knows them and they know His voice, and they too must come and He will bring them and their Prophets will hear the voice of the Lord and will not hide themselves any longer and they shall come down and some of these will declare boldly, I am a Son of the Forest, I am Joseph, Here I am.

His is the only light we should receive. We cannot follow another’s light, even if it is His light they reflect. Following the refracted light of another will always lead you away from the source of light and subsequently away from Him. He is the master, the ideal, the only name given from heaven and He invites all to come unto Him.  Enter in by the way, that you might receive.

THE WAY… is repentance and baptism by water in His name, by one who has His authority. Enter in by the way that you may receive.

He Lives!

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:3 (KJV)

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