The Forgotten, Cont’d

I feel very strongly to say that before the Fathers who are in Heaven will return and join with us, hand in hand, in bringing about this work[1] and before the Lord will come and dwell among His people, that the remnant of the Jews or in other words His covenant people on this land, the remnant of Jacob, i.e. the North American Indians need to be restored, this restoration is both temporal[2] and spiritual. The Gentiles cannot build up Zion, and establish the New Jerusalem, they will not do it, there are several reasons for this, and certainly, they cannot hope to build it alone as was previously attempted.
strong>The Building up of Zion/New Jerusalem

The Gentiles will be a part of it, yes, however it is by covenant and promise that the remnant of the House of Jacob, the principal ancestors of the Jews, (later known as the Lamanites), who were led out of Jerusalem during the days of the reign of King Zedekiah, 600 years +/- BCE, during the time of the Prophet Jeremiah, and many other prophets, it is their descendants whom these blessings and promises belong, and as many of the House of Israel will come[3], and the gentile who repent will take part in assisting them.

Since the beginning of the restoration, and when truth and light were once again found upon the Earth[4], we have seen multiple events, trials, hardships, deaths, and failures that have all unfolded as was foretold anciently would happen to the Gentiles.

The very first missions of the Gentiles were to the Lamanites, it was to restore the inhabitants of this land, the North American Indians, to the knowledge of the Fathers, the covenants, promises and blessings[5] – by way of the Gentiles, as a side note to be restored is to be made whole, it is more than simply attempting to bring the gospel to them and having it rejected, this is not being restored and reclaimed by the Lord as He intends it.

Location of the Remnant of Jacob

The Lord revealed to the Gentiles in that day the general location of the Lamanites, to find them, they would need to travel to the regions westward of Kirtland Ohio, first they were to travel “unto the land of Missouri”, (then after) “unto the borders of the Lamanites”[6], the Lord further declared who would go first[7] among these tribes[8] in the “wilderness” or “unorganized territory” (beyond the established borders of Missouri in the 1830’s), and preach His gospel to them. Oliver Cowdery was given the power to build up the Lords Church among them[9]. The mission to the Lamanites was a singular[10] event, meaning it was the first and the last mission to the Lamanites of its kind.

Scattered and Forgotten

The North American Indians as they are known today have largely been neglected; the indigenous people of this land have yet to be restored as was anciently promised to their Fathers. It is during this period of the restoration that the Indian Removal Act was signed into law: May 28, 1830, a year prior the Aaronic Priesthood was restored, light and truth to administer the gospel. The Indians had been forced to flee from their lands, scourged and scattered as was promised they would be, by the hand of the Gentiles.[11] Although it is fair to say, that they had been previously scourged and scattered shortly after the arrival of the Gentiles to this Land.

They remain the forgotten, and the unsung. The Gentiles have neglected the House of Israel, whom they have the responsibility to care for;[12] though they have, in their capacity as they will have seemingly been able to care for a few of themselves,[13] while the remainder suffer and stumble, the House of Israel neglected, and the remnant of Jacob forgotten – to which specific blessings, and promises remain unfulfilled.

How much longer must they and the Fathers in Heaven wait?

Since the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, not one sect, branch, division et al. That I am presently aware of has sought to recover the Jew, or the Remnant of the House of Jacob and restore them, each pursuing their own course, and strange doctrines.

The Lord has not forgotten His people. He will recover them.

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