The Forgotten

There are many things that are still not known by researchers today regarding the indigenous people of North America, primarily who are or were the principal ancestors of the North American Indians.

Even today with the advances in DNA research, and in tracing the origins of human migration throughout the world through genetics and other means, the origins of the North American Indigenous people still remain a mystery. Many have speculated to how these people might have arrived here, when they arrived, and who they descended from.
The Native American culture has been largely misunderstood and portrayed through things such as Holly Wood, books, television, and stories as being savages and an uneducated people. The general perception of North American Indians today has been largely shaped by the entertainment industry.

To this day as a people they are still in poverty, their true identity has been lost and who they once were has been taken from them. The history, language, art, dance, and oral traditions have largely disappeared from many tribes. They are the forgotten, and the unsung people.

As a side note, it is not my attempt to retell their history, or to trace the steps of my ancestors or entertain the many speculations of who and where they are from, or at least from a secular historical perspective. There are many books already out there, written by anthropologists, geneticists, archeologists so on and so forth. All these scholars have done a great work, to which I have been blessed to read and learn from their writings and observations. That being said, the scientific community at large has not come to any conclusion as to which theorem is right, some ideas are accepted, though they are founded on someones best-educated guess.

My intention here is to express my feelings, thoughts, and desires to see my people, the covenant people to whom much has been prophesied of, to which has been long awaited for by the Fathers who are in Heaven, to come to a full knowledge of the promises and covenants our ancestors received concerning their posterity.

Though we may have to look back to see the way forward, I prefer to do this from the vantage point of which much debate surrounding a certain text, has, in and of itself drawn much attention over the past century from many, many people. My desires are to unravel the scriptures, my personal thoughts, feelings, and research. For me the next step forward into realizing what was offered surrounding the events before and after April 6th, 1830 and restoring The Forgotten to a knowledge of our Fathers, and of the Covenants and Promises that have yet to be realized is paramount.


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