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Isaiah 45 – speaks to my post I shared from before, titled: “An unlikely servant“, it is the Lords hand that guides the servant, He holds him up, and strengthens him.  The point of this is to show you the great things God will do, is doing

An unlikely servant

  A sign has been given, and another is being revealed, the words of the prophets shall all be fulfilled,  eternal are the words that have been given, spoken faithfully by His trusted servants who received them from Heaven, that you may

What will you do to know God?

Will you… Will you give away ALL your sins to know God? Will you give your every possible moment to Him in thought, contemplation, searching your heart and soul in deep ponderous thoughts, and feeling after Him always? Will you

Patience, Priesthood, Persistence and Waiting

On June 4, 2016, I went to the Lord in prayer, and received the following in reply to my inquiry. "Those who seek for priesthood and power will have neither, but those who seek to do my will, the will of the Lord, shall have both priesthood and